There are some fights that you need to see more than once. It is almost as if the very second that a hand gets raised and one party is declared the winner you suddenly realise just how badly you want to see it again.

The UFC has not given its fans too many of these moments this year. There have been a couple of middling-to-good bouts, but for the most part, people have been bummed out by a series of subpar cards and stars disappearing -or the general weariness brought on by these. Actually, if it were not for the sublime shakeup that UFC 217 delivered on the first weekend in November, there may well have been an argument that this year has been one of the worst in the organisation’s history. That is why 2018 better be big!

The UFC Generally Bounces Back after a Bad Year

Usually after as dismal a year as this one has been, the UFC can be relied upon to step up with a bigger, better campaign in response. The promotional side of the MMA is many things, but it is certainly not run by idiots, and the people in charge usually pay attention to fans’ concerns, as well as those of sponsors and the media, and adjust accordingly.

Highly Anticipated Rematches May Be the Answer

If you speak to fight fans, and even just those who take part by means of the sports betting NZ and the rest of the world has to offer, one way to answer for terrible 2017 is a top-level rematch or two! When there are fights that have already occurred but left people with a desire to watch it all again, redoing them is a great way to get things back on track.

We Hope to See the Return of Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit II 

UFC 195 is a fight that will remain in the memory of most MMA fans. It was held on January 2 2016, and headlined by an assured barnburner between Robbie Lawler, who was the welterweight champion at that point, and the previous interim champ Carlos Condit.

The two fighters went at each other for a total of 25 minutes, with each beating the other in a sprawling brawl that went from pillar to post. This fight was the ultimate MMA bout, with two incredible athletes facing off as each waited for the other to bow out -but neither one did.

At the end of it Lawler very narrowly managed to earn the split decision, most likely thanks to his dropping Condit later on in the fight. Neither man was the same after it: Lawler dropped his title by KO in his next bout, and Condit lost his in a strangely inept showing that simply seemed like he didn’t have his head in the game.

Both fighters took a year off after these losses: Lawler has just returned, back in July, and Condit is set to take part in UFC 219 on the 30th of December this year. Bringing these two back in 2018 would be wonderful for fans, and would offer each fighter a chance to regain his glory by the end of next year. Get on this, UFC!

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