Fabricio Werdum has been fined AU$600 for throwing a boomerang at Colby Covington in Australia. It turns out the old cliche, what goes around comes around, is entirely correct!

Werdum Charged with Common Assault 

An Australian court ruled on Wednesday that Werdum will need to pay the fine, around US$460, for common assault. He threw a boomerang at fellow UFC fighter Covington last month, hitting him in the neck, and although Werdum did not appear at the Downing Centre Local Court, the matter got adjudicated without him.

A Verbal Altercation That Went Too Far

The incident happened on the 16th of November this year, just before Werdum faced off against Marcin Tybura at UFC Sydney in a fight punters who enjoy Australian sports betting will easily recall. The pair got into a verbal altercation which saw Werdum throwing a boomerang given to him as a souvenir by a fan at Covington, with the incident captured on video by Dan Hooker, a fellow fighter. Werdum was charged with common assault the next day by the police force of New South Wales.

Covington Pressed Charges Against Werdum

Covington reported the incident to the police. When he appeared on The MMA Hour last month he stated that both Werdum and Rafael Cordeiro, Werdum’s coach, had approached him, threatening to kill him apropos of nothing.

However, Covington himself has drawn has drawn heat from both coaches and fighters, including some of his own teammates, for derogatory remarks that he has made about both Brazil and fans of fighters from that country. Werdum stated at that time that Covington had muttered one of these, filthy Brazilians, as he crossed Werdum’s path, and Werdum then slapped a telephone out of Covington’s hands. Covington kicked him in retaliation, Werdum said, but Covington denied starting the confrontation.

Covington denied this, saying he hadn’t kicked Werdum, and a section of the dramatics was captured by the former on his Instagram Live feed -which included Covington calling Werdum an anti-gay slur.

Whatever Covington May Have Done, Violence is Not the Answer, Says White

Neither fighter was seriously injured in the altercation, and Werdum went on to beat Tybura in the fight that followed the upset by unanimous decision. UFC president Dana White weighed in on the incident two weeks ago, saying that although he understood that Covington had disrespected Brazil and Brazilians, it was not acceptable that he was assaulted because of it. There was a time and a place for fighting, and these kinds of altercations were technically crimes against the sport and were not acceptable.

White admitted that he and Werdum did not have a good relationship either, but reported that they have decided to sit down and talk. This is not the first time Werdum has created this kind of spectacle, and White reminded everyone of the time Werdum almost fought Tony Ferguson at a media lunch. White ended off by saying that he and Werdum would sit down and try to sort things out.

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