While we are all thankful for the turkey dinners enjoyed over Thanksgiving, there is another type of turkey that nobody is particularly fond of! The Urban Dictionary defines the second type of turkey as an inept, clumsy, uncoordinated fool, and someone who is just not cool enough.

The 2017 that the MMA has just weathered will go down in history as one defined by fan frustration, warrior wackiness and foolish fighters, for sure. Whether it is the athletes themselves, the network executives, or even the promotional brass, there are idiots at every level of this sport. Which one deserves the most fixings for his gobbling and jiving?

The Cretin That is Conor McGregor

As both fight fans and those that simply enjoy the world of MMA thanks to the sports betting in Australia know full well, Conor McGregor is many things. He can be a complete clod, a marketing genius, and a fighter to be reckoned with, but he gets the Turkey of 2017 award hands down. This is especially laudable seeing that he has not appeared in an MMA bout since November 2016!

The Ballyhooed Boxing Match Against Mayweather Jr

After spending the first half of 2017 on an extended paternity leave, Conor McGregor resurfaced for the much marketed boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr in late summer. The lead-up to the fight got, er, fowl, with McGregor making free use of racially charged slurs to provoke his opponent, and the latter fighter doing his part by flinging anti-gay slurs at McGregor during a rather grotesque string of media events before the fight took place.

The fight itself was hugely successful, if the promoters are to be believed, and it was assumed by most that McGregor would spend the rest of 2017 fading into the background whilst enjoying his new hundreds of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

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