When thinking of the top boxers, Floyd Mayweather definitely comes to mind. Retiring from boxing in 2015, the move was short-lived as Mayweather made a comeback in 2017 participating in one fight. Throughout his career, he garnered multiple titles and finished his career remaining undefeated, winning a total of 50 matches. Many wonder if 2017 is the last time Mayweather will be seen in the ring or if he may attempt a second comeback.

Mayweather came out of his two year retirement to face Conor McGregor in August. Mayweather easily won the competition and stunned fans by his need for only a short preparation time for the match. Given his success and continued prowess, many began to wonder if Mayweather could return a second time. Adding fuel to the fire, Mayweather released some videos last fall showing him training in the gym. Despite his insistence of being finished with boxing, the released videos make many believe Mayweather is foreshadowing a possible return. Even though Mayweather says he is finished, he has been contemplating potential future opponents. A 51st fight could be in the works according to leaked reports from those in Mayweather’s camp.

If Mayweather does return for a 51st fight, who are the potential opponents? British welterweight, Amir Khan, has made no secret of his desire to face Mayweather in the ring. Mayweather laughs off the challenge saying that everyone wants to a chance to fight him as it will provide a large pay day win or lose. Mayweather seriously selects his opponents and wants to fight who he perceives as the best. Some wish to see a rematch with McGregor while others believe a prospective opponent could be Paulie Malignaggi. The UFC is also making a play to get Mayweather to participate in their events.

Should Mayweather decide to return for another match, the world is his oyster with so many options from which to choose. Fans anxiously await a possible announcement of Mayweather making a second comeback. In the meantime, Mayweather is enjoying other ventures during his retirement.

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