Australia has always been a country that has been confident and willing to try new sports and to embrace new trends in order to succeed on the sporting stage. It has produced stars in cricket, in football, in boxing, in tennis and even in sports like athletics, with Olympic medal winner Sally Pearson being a great example of an Aussie sporting star.

Australia has now embraced UFC almost as much as it has embraced another of its favourite pastimes, online slots games. Australia has long been known as a country which has been at the forefront of creating the most interesting, exciting and fun online slots games, you can find more details here about just how far Australia has come in terms of creating great slots games, as well as the superb offers its companies give to their customers. It is taking strides that are just are large in UFC. There are a number of excellent and exciting Australian UFC fighters who are making a name for themselves.

Australia, alongside being a country that is sports mad, is also one that takes great pride in its sports stars going abroad and conquering other lands. They love an overseas tour win in cricket, Patrick Rafter is still adored for his two US Open titles that stamped Australia’s mark on the United States and their Rugby team adores nothing more than going to the Northern Hemisphere and picking up big wins.

So fans are very excited about the fact that they are starting to see Australian UFC stars emerge and set new standards and heights. They have fighters now who are competing at the top end, who are proving themselves and who are continually working hard to keep Australia on the sporting map. There are quite a few great Australians currently in UFC but some stand out, here are two of the best of them.

Robert Whittaker

Without doubt, the best Australian currently plying his trade in UFC, he has consistently proved that he is one of the best in the business and has done his country really proud. He is the reigning middleweight champion in UFC and has a great record of 23 wins with 19 of them coming as knockouts. He is an ambassador and trailblazer in his home country having been active since 2009. At only 27 he also has plenty of time to keep going in UFC. If he keeps whining and stays ahold of his belt, then perhaps he can become a real legend of the sport. He was also once awarded as having provided the best knockout of the season, he is explosive and great to watch.

Alexander Volkanovski

Volkanovski is, compared to Whittaker at least, a newcomer when it comes to UFC having only fought four times. However, he has won them all, he has with a 4-0 record in the lightweight division. He is unlikely to be competing right at the top end, for titles, soon but he is clearly a fighter with potential and has the ambition and drive to fight his way to the top. Eventually Whittaker will have to pass on the mantle and Volkanovski could pick it up.


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