It’s certainly been quite some time since the skilled fighter Michael Page has made a sporting appearance in the Bellator arena for a mixed martial arts capacity. The bosses at Bellator, including spokesman Scott Coker, think the time is long past due that Michael Page brought his skills back to their rightful home. Michael Page retains an excellent unbeaten record in MMA (12-0) and BMMA (8-0), but has decided to pursue boxing for the time being.

Michael Page: The Prodigal Son

Michael Page last made an appearance at Bellator 165 that took place on November 2016, where he managed to earn himself a win by split decision against Fernando Gonzalez. He’s managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to a continuous feud against Paul Dalek, and Michael Page UK boxing career has also included a match in October where he cruised to victory with a third-round TKO. Despite his success in boxing, it seems like a shame for such a talented overall fighter to limit himself to a stand up striking sport form when he’s shown the world over and over again that he has many other formidable skill sets. At least with the latest from michael page UK audiences can still see him fight.

Michael Page: Hands of God

Michael Page’s nickname is “Venom”, and it shows in his vicious striking styles, the absence of which from Bellator has been keenly felt by audiences and organisers alike. According to Bellator bigwig Scott Coker, all that could be due to change soon, as he’s been aggressively courting Michael Page to return to his company. “We’re looking for Michael Page to return around March or April” he informed reporters at the pre-fight news conference for Bellator 192. “We’re looking at scheduling right now. The plan is for a fight either in the UK or a show in San Jose in May. I’d going to say Michael Page will be back by April or May. We’re definitely going to get him back”. Scott Coker is clearly passionate about getting Michael Page back in MMA betting that he’ll want to repeat past successes, and fans everywhere have been clamouring for the fighters return for quite some time.

On the Same Page

Coker continued “He’s a hell of a fighter, but he needs to be kept busy. If he want to do boxing, fine. It’s not an issue. But he’s got to come back to MMA because he needs to be kept busy. He’s a real star, with a lot of talent, and I think everyone wants to see him back in the cage”. What Michael Page thinks about this is anyone’s guess, but it would certainly be a real shame if the world of mixed martial arts was denied his talents for very much longer. It’s fair to say that a lot of fans of Bellator want the same thing. In Michael Page UK has a fighter they can be proud of who has developed a reputation as an explosive combatant who brings a lot of heat to his matches. The British fighter is always a treat to watch no matter the opponent. As one of Bellator’s most gripping stars, Michael Page really needs to be back where he belongs, in the sport that’s made his reputation.