There are many grey areas regarding playing mobile bingo or any other kind of Internet-type gambling game in the USA. Fortunately, websites keep offering these services, and so far nothing like “Black Friday” has taken place for these operators, and no player has ever been taken to task by the DOJ. Websites make sure they don’t break the law and lawmakers seem happy enough with the current situation. The no deposit bonuses on internet bingo sites make mobile playing more attractive and keep players coming back.

Trending on YouTube today, and with only 603 hits (at the time of writing) as far as we could make out, is a new Delta Airlines advert that makes use of the YouTube Hit “Lilly’s Disneyland Surprise”. The purpose is to celebrate a new decision by the FAA. The FAA has decided that there is no danger to yourselves, other passengers or the systems of the plane when electronic devices are used during landing and take-off. What this means to mobile bingo fans is they can play their favourite games uninterrupted, when taking a flight in the USA. Gives whole new meaning to the words “mobile”, and “bingo” doesn’t it?

The fact that the airline made use of the Lilly’s Disneyland Surprise hit, may just be because this family flew Delta. Or it could be because the video went viral, to the tune of 13, 617, 507 hits. Pretty good YouTube to tag onto, to ensure that hits to celebrate the new FAA laws might also send hits for the ad out into the stratosphere. By the way, you must watch the “Lilly” YouTube, it is something quite out of this world.

Speaking of out of this world and USA players who would like to get into a game of mobile bingo or two while a mile high above the earth. Check out, there are a whole load of US-facing websites on show, and we are pretty sure that many of these sites offer mobile apps. New Billy Bingo faces USA players, as does Break the Bank and Cyberbingo. All that needs to be determined from here is what type of apps these websites have on offer, and if they are compatible with the gadgets we use when on the go.


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