Ever made a $1,000,000 bet? Would you make it on an MMA fight? Well, “Vegas Dave” has! High-roller Dave Oancea has a history of make big bets on MMA, winning $240,000 on Holly Holm beating Rhonda Rousey and then making another $300,000 on Miesha Tate beating Holm. “Vegas Dave” then decided to make his $1,000,000 bet on Miesha Tate at UFC200. Tate was fighting Amanda Nunes but sadly for “Vegas Dave”, Tate submitted from a rear naked choke hold at 3:16 of the first round. The High-Roller was humble in defeat, though, admitting he felt far sorrier for Tate than he did for himself.

The first UFC event was in 1993 which has allowed a whole generation of high stakes gamblers to grow-up watching and gambling on the sport. With UFC revenues of over $600 million in 2015 and the crossover mega-fight of Mayweather vs. McGregor, it has put the MMA squarely in the big leagues and the High-rollers have taken notice. MMA betting handles now rival regular boxing events (mega-fights skew the numbers towards boxing). With these bigger betting handles it’s not just Las Vegas taking all the action. High Roller Casinos have also opened to MMA taking big action on UFC, Bellator, and the Hex Fight Series.

The great thing about MMA is that it offers a wide range of bet options and High-rollers love innovative betting modalities. These betting types go from the traditional outright bet to props bets (over/under, fight goes the distance or method of win, for example) and parlay bets that can provide large odds and huge payouts.

Oddsmakers have everything to please this new wave of tech-savvy High-Rollers whom can now use their mobile device, tablet or good old desktop to shop around for the best odds globally any time of the day or night. Of course, online sites like to cater to the High-Roller with higher deposit and bet limits, personalized customer service, and many other perks.

High-rollers crave more than just the win, they crave the juice, the action. MMA events with 10 or more quick high-intensity action-packed fights (3 to 5 rounds) give them that juice. With events being broadcast and streamed on ESPN (UFC) and DAZN (Bellator) the High-Roller can get that rush of adrenaline in real-time. Even adding to the excitement by making more and even larger bets as the events happen. Lose a fight don’t panic you got others to recover! Always remember you must keep a budget when gambling online, this applies for new punters and high-rollers too.

So, as we are discovering MMA is really the perfect fit for the modern whale (another name for High -roller).

  • Multiple events with multiple fights which happen quickly which allows for that quicker follow up bet.
  • With growth and bigger handles comes the ability to make larger and larger bets.
  • A wide variety of prop bets now lets a whale bet on anything from who lands the first punch, the over/under, winners of rounds, type of win…
  • All these props bets, of course, give the High-roller a much better feeling of control and with several prop bets on the same fight, it builds to the overall excitement or juice.
  • The ability to gamble real-time anywhere anytime in the world with a multitude of online sites.
  • Watching the events as they happen on any digital device, again; anywhere in the world.

So, you want to bet like a High Roller? You want to feel the juice? Ready to bet big? And to bet often? Feel like getting all those great comps? The MMA might be the right choice for you. But remember High-rollers are born risk takers! but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t strategize, or that they just simply close their eyes and pick when they gamble. As with any other sporting event knowing more about your sport is the key. MMA is growing fast with many new fighters entering the Octagon each year, each month, each week. With all this change, good bets can be found, and you can capitalize if you play your cards right.