Few modern sports can match the success and growth rate experienced by mixed martial arts. MMA having started from the UFC’s humble beginnings in 1993 has gone on to garner itself a massive global fan base, a sport that sees millions of fans in packed venues screaming their support of their favourite fighters.

The sport’s success is greatly due to the massive levels of grit and determination displayed by its gladiators in addition to the explosive action they so often provide. Emelianenko delivers the perfect combination of athletic ability, electric atmosphere, and intense levels of entertainment. Each fight offers electric displays of action that ensure the possibility of the end arriving in the blink of an eye which demands its athletes be ready for literally anything.

In addition, the reason for its success and massive fan base might be found in the sport’s relative ease of access that due to public demand saw tons of training facilities established. This invariably led to the growth of a crop of weekend warriors from which many young men and women adopted the fighter’s life having raised their hopes to achieve greatness.

MMA turned a variety of one-dimensional specialist fighting styles and street brawlers into a controlled and regulated form of reputable sport. Currently, even completely amateur level practitioners of the sport will engage in training following similar levels of intensity is employed by full-time professionals. Elite fighters have become highly proficient in a multitude of martial arts with fights won or lost due to one or the other fighter employing superior levels of fitness, skill combined with the correct techniques and tactics on the day.

To achieve success, the current crop of professional fighters in the MMA require multiple training sessions each day covering a variety of disciplines to continually build on their arsenal of fighting skills. The most successful of these martial arts practitioners have attained the status of living legends, greats such as Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, and Fedor Emelianenko.

MMA provided the platform that uplifted the sport of mixed martial arts into a reputable, professionally regulated activity. That led to it enjoying a massive following which made it a sports betting favourite amongst punters across the world. Sports betting enthusiasts interested in finding a reputable, fair, and honest online bookmaker cannot go wrong consulting premier sports betting affiliates such as Betenemy one that offers useful reviews that contain a treasure trove of information on sports betting and sportsbooks and will aid in their search to find bookmakers offering the best promotional bonuses.

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre started his professional MMA career with a 2002 defeat of 2 notable fighters prior to his debut in the UFC during 2004 where he scored two more wins before receiving a title match against a former champion Matt Hughes for a shot at capturing the vacant UFC Welterweight Championship. Hughes defeated him by forcing a submission with an armbar just before the end of the first-round.

Georges St. Pierre, currently universally considered as one of the sports best pound for pound fighters, gained his reputation after dismantling a great many of the MMA’s top fighters in the division. Initially St. Pierre displayed a fight style comprising of an athletic blend of aggressive grappling and flashy striking, however, refining his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and wrestling skills turned him into a world beater that built a pro MMA record of 26 – 2 – 0. St. Pierre earned his nickname “Rush” due to his early career habit of finishing off his opponents early in the fight, usually somewhere during the first-round.

Anderson Silva has as of recent solidified his reputation as one of the most prodigious pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the MMA, long recognised as one of the elite stand-up and Muay Thai fighters currently practising the sport. Silva continually built on complementing his early strike dominance by adopting dangerous but sophisticated guard and submission tactics to free up his laser attack focus on feet. Broadening his mastery of various martial arts disciplines this way saw him make the leap and take his place amongst the sport’s elite.

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