In 2018 new technologies will bring the “presence effect” to a new level and due to it, choosing a destination for travel and housing will become even easier. Artificial intelligence and digital technology influence how users prepare for the journey, as well as how it will be. Almost one of three (29%) travelers all over the world admit that it is convenient for them when the computer plans the upcoming trip based on their travel history, and for half (50%) it doesn’t matter whether they are talking to a real person or a computer – the main thing that the machine answered their questions.

More than half (64%) would like to go on a virtual tour of the accommodation facility before booking, and 50% believe that the travel arrangements made specifically for them motivate them to make a reservation. Somebody even claims that due to new gadgets people wouldn’t travel at all – just best cam sites and Skype – the only thing we need.  Despite such thoughts, most people agree – we can’t replace impressions and memories. So in 2018, technology will make trips brighter and we have several explanations for this!

Four Ways to Plan the Trip with New Technologies

  1. From dream to reality

45% of travelers have a list of places that they definitely want to visit in their lifetime, and 82% in 2018 plan to remove at least one item from it. Now the desire to make unforgettable discoveries will only grow – on the scales with material values and new impressions an advantage in favor of the latter. In 2018, travelers will use every opportunity to travel. With new gadgets, you can make your dream come true and plan the journey as easy and convenient as you just wish.

  1. Retro is on trend again

In addition to new discoveries in 2018, travelers can enjoy returning to their favorite childhood places. The popularity of such areas is due to nostalgia and the feeling of happiness associated with it. Family holidays cause the warmest feelings, surpassing even the memories of first love or pets.

  1. The influence of mass culture

Travel inspiration is literally in the air. When choosing a destination for a trip, you can be based on interests and preferences – from culture and entertainment to cuisine and history. In 2018, television programs, films, sports events, and especially social networks will increasingly influence the choice. And now you can choose your favorite film in an app and it will give you all the destinations that will remind you of the scenes from the film!

  1. On the road to recovery

Interest in wellness tourism will increase: in 2018, almost twice as many respondents are going to go on health trips than in 2017 (if in 2017 it was every tenth, then in 2018 it is almost every fifth). Especially popular will be hiking: in 2018, 56% of those surveyed are going to do it. Other types of recreation that will be of interest to travelers in 2018 include trips to spa resorts (33%), cycling (24%), water sports (22%), detox tours (17%), yoga tours ( 16%), running (16%) and meditation (15%).

Still don’t know how to spend weekends – find the right gadget and app, and you will plan the best trip ever!


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