Ten years ago, online gamblers started growing tired of being tied to their living rooms If they wanted to play online casino games for real cash and get beste casino bonuser. They wanted to be able to gamble on the go through the use of their smartphones and tablets.

The first response from online casino software developers was to optimize the existing gaming platforms to allow mobile device users to access the websites through standard web browsers. The optimization process targeted most any operating system, though the process was certainly more friendly to the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems.

Initially, online gamblers accepted this new innovation under the guise some mobile access was better than none. The problem was the software developers had to use HTML5 in order for mobile operating systems to be able to access the gambling sites with any level of clarity. Since many of the industry’s older online slots were developed with earlier software development tools, players had no access to them. This ignited the cry for a better solution.

Again, software developers offered a solution. They began developing online casino mobile apps see Casumo iOS app into which a full library of casino games could be integrated. To say this endeavor was a smashing success would be an unequivocal understatement. Immediately, online gamblers were seen in restaurants and coffee shops, playing their favorite online casino games for real cash. The games were visually attractive, often of similar quality found on websites.

The problem with the earlier mobile apps was there were only compatible with mobile devices that were using the iOS or iPhone and Android operating systems. Gamblers who were using other types of mobile devices were still restricted to using the optimized website option. This created a material problem for Windows Mobile and Blackberry users who felt slighted.

The online casino industry’s top software developers would not be deterred. Between iPhone and Android, all things have always remained equal. There is not one significant online casino game that is only available for one operating system and not the other. Still, not much effort was being made to include other operating systems into the mix. The emphasis was consistently placed on further developing the technology until players could see no difference between a mobile casino game and the same game on the same operator’s website.

Indeed, the technology got better and today, as many as 50% of all online gamblers are using their mobile devices to access their favorite online gambling sites. Since the apps are free through Apple Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android), it’s quite common to casino gambling enthusiasts with as many as a half-dozen gambling mobile apps on their smartphones.

A positive trend we are currently seeing in the industry is many of the top software developers are now creating mobile casino platforms for the aforementioned Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems. With open formats now available for many of the most popular operating systems, the percentage of gamblers accessing their accounts with mobile devices is expected to rise to 75% by the end of 2019.

As for iPhone versus Android, it’s really an issue of personal preference. There is absolutely no difference between the quality of the gaming platforms for these two operating systems. If people are Apple people, they will do just fine using their iPhones to play real cash casino games online. The same thing goes for people who love their Android devices.

On the horizon, there is one thing that could give one of these operating systems a major advantage. Software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt are developing online casino games around virtual reality. If either iPhone or Android was to win the race to embrace this new technology, it could translate to a major win for them.



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