It has been several months since we last saw Conor McGregor in the octagon, but fight fans are expecting a decision on his next possible bout in the not so distant future. It could possibly be the biggest fight of the Irishman’s career, as another defeat could signal the end of his UFC run.

He will return to the octagon after losing in his last bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian made McGregor look very average in the octagon, and was beaten by a fourth-round submission. However, this bout remains the most brought PPV in UFC history.

McGregor certainly has the numbers to back up a significant return, and the fans certainly want to see it. But, it is significant that he must win. He has lost twice in his last appearance; with a defeat coming against Nate Diaz as well as Khabib. McGregor would later avenge that defeat to Diaz.

But, who could we see McGregor come up against when he finally makes his return to UFC?

Tony Ferguson

Largely considered by most as the best lightweight that the UFC has ever seen, Ferguson would present a money-spinning option for the McGregor team, and UFC. Ferguson has beaten everybody that is anybody in that division, but a bout with McGregor could be his crowning moment. Both fighters have been jabbing each other on Twitter in the past, and fans would be immediately engaged in the fight.

Ferguson has won his past 12 fights, with his most recent one coming by way of TKO against Donald Cerrone in June this year. This fight would make an awful lot of sense, and it would appear that both fighters would be interested in making it happen.

Not only would it ensure a big prize pot for both fighters, but it would create a chance for either man to say that they are now the face of the entire brand. A defeat for either could spell the end, and the big stakes and prestige of both fighters would ensure that it wouldn’t be a hard sell to the fans.

Most sportsbooks wouldn’t know which way it would go, as both fighters are aggressive in the octagon. It would be a certain fight of the night contender before it has even taken place.

Nate Diaz

Another fight that wouldn’t be a hard sell to the fans is the prospect of a trilogy fight with Diaz. This fight was expected by many in 2018, but it didn’t go ahead due to conflicting schedules and suspensions. McGregor has reiterated that he hopes that this bout can happen on St Patrick’s Day, which would certainly give his vocal fans, even more, to be passionate about.

Both fighters have won once in the past, with Diaz winning at welterweight at UFC 196, before McGregor came back to win the rematch at UFC 202. Diaz started that second bout the stronger and looked to finish the Irishman off quickly. However, McGregor adjusted his strategy and was able to win by decision. A third match between the two would likely eclipse the buy-rate of McGregor’s last bout.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

There aren’t many fighters on the planet that can come back from devastation quite like McGregor. That would perfectly set up the narrative for a potential rematch against Khabib in the near future. The hatred between the pair runs much deeper than purely what happens in the octagon, as both fighters were handed lengthy bans for their actions in the aftermath of the previous bout.

The rivalry between Khabib and McGregor is even higher than the the one between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz. If we are soon going to watch a round 2 of Wilder vs Ortiz, why not Khabib vs McGregor rematch too?

Khabib jumped the cage and began attacking McGregor’s team while they were in their seats. Much like the Diaz bout, this wouldn’t be a hard sell and fans would be engaged from the announcement. Whether McGregor could beat Khabib is a completely different question, however. The Russian dominated their previous match-up, and he came back to the UFC earlier this year in the same form. It would be a money-spinning event, but this challenge could be too much for the Irishman.



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