McGregor made a comeback last Saturday in a long-awaited match against Donald Cerrone. The Irish Mixed Martial Arts fighter took a break from fighting after he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October 2018.

Staying away from the field for long and coming to face Donald Cerrone in his UFC 246 major event got people anticipated because they were eager to know if he still had his magic. McGregor proved all his “nay-sayers” wrong when he defeated Cerrone just 40 seconds after the match started.

In his post-fight interview, McGregor stated he is extremely happy and proud to be the first fighter in UFC to bag a knockout victory at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight. Though the champ has not yet picked who will fight against him in the upcoming match, here are five underrated opponents who could take him down. Gamblers can even get to predict the outcome of matches and win some cash using poker online.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz an American professional MMA fighter has signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship at present. He had equally won the lightweight championship in 2011 and he stands the chance of being the one to go against McGregor.

Diaz is the reason why McGregor lost his first professional fight but McGregor finally won during the rematch. If at the end he gets chosen, definitely wish him all the best.


Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov is a Russian professional mixed martial artist (MMA). He is a two-time Combat Sambo World Champion and the present winner of the UFC Lightweight Champion. Khabib has successfully recorded 28 wins and no losses; he stands as the longest active unbeaten streak in MMA.

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Khabib once had a face-off against McGregor in 2018 and this will be a rematch between the duos. Khabib was the last person that got to defeat McGregor at his own game. Following the way, things ended between these two they may want to complete that fight. No one knows but Khabib may just shockingly beat him again. Well, we will always have to find out.

Jorge Masvidal

Another underrated and potential fighter is Jorge Masvidal. Jorge is a “BMF” title holder and he watched the match between McGregor vs. Cerrone at UFC 246. Jorge was shown during McGregor’s after-fight interview where he was putting on the same Versace robe McGregor wore during his match against Floyd May weather.

A lot of people have interpreted this act as a glaring call out to face McGregor again. Jorge is underrated but who knows, he could still beat McGregor.

Tony Ferguson

Tony is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter who as of the moment competes for the lightweight division of the UFC. He was once a short-term UFC lightweight champ and has been in the game since 2008.

Tony won the Ultimate Fighter 13 and he occupies the 10th position in the UFC’s fighting rankings and 1st with the UFC lightweight rankings. Tony is equally a strong underrated contender against McGregor.

Kamaru Usman

Usman is a Nigerian/American mixed martial arts fighter who contests in UFC games and as of now, he is one of the talented UFCs Welterweight Champion. He won the 21st Ultimate Fighter Competition. As of December 2019, he emerged 8th position in UFCs pound-for-pound ranking.

Usman is not doing badly for himself as well and could equally take on a fight successfully against McGregor.









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