Being an MMA fighter is a serious commitment: to have any success in this field, you have to have immense physical strength and psychological balance. Even before you start considering how much fighting prowess a regular MMA fighter needs, achieving those two alone is by far not an easy task.

It takes daily physical training and mental preparation to increase your performance, and, of course, many MMA fighters are looking for ways to enhance and accelerate their improvement. Many found that CBD oil was the solution for them.

CBD was able to skyrocket the performance of other MMA fighters. How is that possible? If you are training for MMA, read on to find out why you should start considering CBD.

Why Exactly MMA?

Let us examine what kinds of stresses participating in MMA puts on the human body. This will help us realize the true potential and relevance of CBD for MMA fighters.

Physical Stress

Obviously, MMA fighting takes a significant toll on the physiological level. Firstly, there is constant training. If MMA fighting is your primary profession, then you are devoting just as much time to training as you would to an ordinary office job.

You rise with the sun, go out for a run, and eat. Then, your first training session starts that continues well into the daytime. After some relaxation and lunch, your second training session begins that ends in the late evening. This may take longer than an average 8-hour day in the office.

Such intense training requires tons of energy. Without any supplements or additives, energy can only come from enough sleep and food. However, sometimes, sleep and food are not enough to push yourself to perform your very best day after day.

Secondly, there is the fighting itself. As you may have guessed, we are talking about all of the damage that your body takes as a result of MMA fighting. An especially devastating fight can throw you off the game for an extended period of time. Sitting on a bench for too long can destroy your career!

Lastly, there is the recovery aspect. After both the training and fighting, your body needs time to recover, grow, and become stronger than ever before. Sometimes, your body is not able to recover fast enough, which will lead to worse performance, just because your body is not yet ready.

Psychological Pressure

Aside from the physical stress that the body of an MMA fighter takes and has to deal with, there is also a lot of the psychological pressure that can negatively influence the fighter’s training, recovery, and fight performance. First of all, let us look at the MMA fighting itself.

MMA is a contact-based sport in which contestants try to either subdue or KO their opponents. This means that although MMA, in its nature, is a high adrenaline sport, it requires you to act mindfully and rationally in order to secure a winning position and finish off your opponent.

Nonetheless, achieving this is pretty hard when you are being barraged with punches, kicks, and grabs. Remaining cool and collected is essential to winning in MMA. If you cannot notice and exploit the mistakes of your opponent, you will get knocked out.

Additionally, there is a lot of psychological pressure that exists outside of the ring. In MMA, you are either a winner or a loser. Any MMA fight is always a high-stakes game: you either win it all or you lose and, most likely, get your face broken. This aspect scares a lot of MMA fighters daily.

The fear can turn into a psychological burden that can significantly impact the fighter’s attitude toward training and training performance itself, as well as sleeping and eating habits. In the end, a combination of the factors may lead to loss after a loss after another loss.

4 Reasons MMA Fighters Use CBD

This is where CBD oil comes in. CBD is able to solve or mitigate to a certain degree all of the mentioned problems that are associated with MMA. Here are the main benefits that can help you tackle the negative aspects of being an MMA fighter.

CBD Increases the Quality of Your Sleep

Sleep is essential for the recovery of any athlete. A lot of recent CBD-based studies show that CBD helps immensely when it comes to sleep. It helps you to fall to sleep faster, as well as it does not let you wake up in the middle of the night.

This leads to you receiving your guaranteed rest in order to continue your intense training plans. According to the BBC, this is essential for athletes to reach their peak performance.

CBD Dulls Pain Naturally

Of course, there is a lot of pain connected to MMA. CBD has proven that it is very effective in fighting muscle pain and general inflammation. The best aspect of this is the fact that CBD interacts with the body in a completely natural way, which strays many fighters away from pain-relieving drugs.

As seen on CNN, it can be a career-deciding moment. If you take the wrong kind of a pain-treating drug, you may end up with a lifetime ban on your hands, even if increasing your performance with drugs was not your intention.

CBD Protects Your Mental Health

The other beneficial aspect of CBD is that it protects your neurons. The fact that MMA is incredibly damaging to your brain, makes CBD an essential treatment for MMA fighters.

Also, CBD can treat anxiety. Many anxiety-ridden people that began CBD treatment reported feeling much more relaxed, which is another point for using CBD oils as an MMA fighter.

CBD Amends Focus and Boosts Energy Levels

Last but not least, CBD has shown to be quite effective in regard to improving overall performance in athletes. Firstly, CBD has anxiolytic effects, which means that it increases alertness, among other things. This allows athletes to train longer and with a more consistent output.

Secondly, CBD is a great well-rounded additive. In small doses, CBD has an energizing impact on your body. This makes CBD an excellent choice for a pre-workout session routine.

Is Using CBD Allowed?

If you are wondering whether using CBD oils will get you into a sticky situation, stop worrying! Since 2018, WADA removed CBD from the list of banned substances. So, you can fearlessly pick up a CBD oil and start using it. As seen of Gift Wits, here are the best CBD oils available online.


These four positive effects of CBD are significant reasons to incorporate CBD oils into your supplement routine. If all this CBD talk got you excited, then read the article from CBDKyro: check it out here.


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