Have you always dreamed of learning martial arts? In case you have, there’s a wide range of martial art sports to choose from, ranging from the traditional ones to their modern variants.

Nowadays, Brazilian ju jitsu is considered to be one of the most challenging and appealing sports, requiring fine techniques to make solid progress. If you’re interested in learning ju jitsu, the best alternative would be signing up for classes in a training school, led by a professional and experienced instructor. However, you might also be a self-learner through handbooks and videos.

Regardless of which method you choose, follow these tips to get the most out of your experience.

Choose a learning method

The initial factor to be determined prior to commencing your ju jitsu adventure is the learning method. You have the alternative of either training at a professional school or on your own. In the former case, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from real professionals who have extensive experience in being instructors, thus demonstrating the techniques in the best possible way.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford the classes or you’re time-restrained to take lessons in an actual school, you can try learning this sport by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Initially, in order to master the basics, you’ll have to learn it from a handbook or by watching tutorial videos online. You can purchase a handbook from an online website, such as BJJX.com, providing you with details on various ju jitsu techniques.

If you’re a bigger fan of visual representation of the techniques, then watching a series of tutorial videos can really do the trick. Anyhow, make sure that the ones you choose are provided by a reputable instructor, as many of them wish to share the secret to mastering Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with the entire world. Naturally, in order to make good progress, you’d have to find yourself a partner who is supposed to be more experienced than you, to avoid getting injured.

Select the right school

In case you’ve decided to sign up for classes in a professional training school, there’re various factors to consider prior to selecting one. First of all, compile a list of all the schools in your neighborhood, as their proximity to your home is essential for greater convenience. Choosing a training center all the way across town means wasting additional time on driving there or taking public transport.

Once you’ve composed a list of several centers, make sure you pay a visit to each one of them in order to inspect their condition and get a general idea about the classes. In fact, you should be provided with the opportunity to watch a lesson, so as to witness the relationship between the instructor and its trainees.

Moreover, it’s paramount for the atmosphere to be positive and for the trainer to be proficient. It’s advisable for him/her to have a black belt, as it’s an undeniable proof of its experience and knowledge. Click here to discover more about the procedure of becoming a certified Brazilian ju jitsu trainer.

After making your choice of school, don’t forget to take some additional factors into consideration, such as the time of sessions as well as the days in which they take place. It’s essential to match your work schedule with the sessions in order to spare enough time to take the lessons before or after work, depending on your preferences.

Also, consider your other weekly obligations so as to avoid any overlapping, as you simply can’t be in two places at the same time. Cost is another factor to inquire about prior to signing up, as it’s vital for the fee to be affordable for your budget. These courses last for months, so calculate your overall budget in advance.

Get the right equipment

In order to begin training Brazilian ju jitsu, first, you’d need appropriate clothing, called a “gi”. You can either purchase this costume from the training center or from a store, but it’s extremely important for it to be of the right size. These costumes aren’t supposed to be overly tight or long, as you would be limited in your movements.

Moreover, most trainers require their students to wear additional equipment to protect their most vulnerable parts of the body during the fight, such as their face, knees and ears. Second, you’d also need a white belt, which represents you as a beginner. Later on, the color of the belt will change depending on your progress, in accordance with the Brazilian ju jitsu ranking system. Make sure you tie it properly to prevent any inconvenience during the training.

Wrap up

Mastering this sport requires great skills, right equipment, and most importantly, a solid trainer.

Make sure you learn from the best!

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