If you were to look at any “normal” business, they live and die by targets. This is something that filters right the way down to employees; we are well and truly in a target, data-orientated world.

Something that we have found interesting over the years is that this approach isn’t necessarily suitable for professional gamblers. In other words, if you are serious about making a career out of betting, having a monthly target might be doing you more harm than good.

For a lot of people, this is a tough pill to swallow. After all, we all know that we need to make ‘x’ per month to survive, and if we are entering into the “self-employed” world of gambling, not thinking about this figure is difficult.

It’s also something that perhaps goes against what we hear so much about professional gamblers. We hear time and time again that they use piles of data to make their decisions, so not using this to meet targets almost sounds to be a move back in time.

However, as today’s article will reveal, this is undoubtedly the right course of action to take. Let’s now take a look at three reasons why you should never have a monthly target if you are trying to become a professional gambler.

Reason #1 – It forces you to bet

Something that you will find as a professional gambler is that there are peaks and troughs. You are never going to be betting on “dead-certs”; the results that almost always come in. There are very few occasions where the bookies make this a profitable exercise over the long-term.

Instead, you’re looking for value. You’re considering the odds, plugging them into the bet calculator, and finding out the potential winnings that might be returned from your planned bets.

There will be times where there are countless value bets each and every day. At the same time, there will be occasions where these just don’t exist. If you find yourself in such a dip, trying to squeeze out bets just to meet your monthly target is just going to end in tears. You are betting for the wrong reason; not to find the value within the odds, but just to satisfy your monthly quota.

Reason #2 – It can place a ceiling on your earnings

Little else needs to be said about this point, as it just echoes what we have already spoken about. As well as being forced to bet, a lot of people will find resistance to bet if they have already met their monthly target. It means that their earnings are immediately capped – even if there are plenty of value bets out there to be taken advantage of.

Reason #3 – It places too much emotion into your career

Finally, this is something which can bring a lot of emotion to the table. As any professional gambler will testify, this is the last thing you need. The best gamblers act on statistics and don’t let their heart rule their head. As soon as you start to do this, by keeping one eye on your monthly survival figure, you are destined to make bad decisions.

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