Mixed martial arts, commonly known as MMA, is a sport that seems to be getting the attention of many people today. Its popularity is fast-growing; however, most people still do not understand what it is all about. MMA is a fun sport to watch, and it would be better if one would understand exactly how it is played. Additionally, having the right information about the sport will help you clear any myths and doubts that you might have about the sport. In this piece, you will be looking at 4 things you need to know about MMA.

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA is a sport whereby two players play against each other and try to achieve dominance using various techniques such as grappling, throwing, and striking. This sport is a combination of multiple disciplines from several martial arts such as wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo, karate, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. Each round runs for about 5 minutes, and there are about three rounds in every contest with a rest period of about one minute between the rounds. However, if the match is a championship fight, it goes for five rounds. An important point to note is that MMA is not the same as UFC (ultimate fighting championship) – something that most people are always confused about. UFC is the premier organization that manages the sport, whereas MMA is the sport itself.

MMA has rules

Contrary to what many people believe, MMA has some rules. While the whole setting of the game might make you believe that there are no rules to determine how the game is played, the truth of the matter is that there are. Like kasyno, there are sport rules in MMA that include rules about fouls, judging, penalties, game specifications, and so on. And these rules are to be followed to the latter as violating them means that the players will have to deal with the consequences.

MMA weight classes

Did you know that MMA has weight classes? The weight classes are categorized differently based on gender. Generally, the weight classes according to UFC are; Flyweight up to 125 lbs, Bantamweight over 125 to 135 lbs, Featherweight over 135 to 145 lbs, Lightweight over 145 to 155 lbs, Welterweight over 155 to 170 lbs, Middleweight over 170 to 185 lbs, Light Heavyweight over 185 to 205 lbs, and Heavyweight over 205 to 265 lbs.

The MMA ways to finish a fight

There are several ways the MMA fights end; they include submission, knockout, technical knockout, no contest, technical draw, forfeit, and judge’s decision. Additionally, the fighters uphold lots of respect for both the game and each other as well. That is why you will always see the players hug and greet each other after the fight.


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