The Masvidal vs Usman fight left a sour taste in some fans mouths with others finding it to be exactly what they wanted – Usman fans remain adamant that Masivdal went into the fight fully prepared under the guise that he would’ve been training for the fight the entire time, with others suggesting the hectic schedule and weight cut in the six days leading up to the fight could’ve been just enough to keep the bar of competition a little lower – Gamebred is now saying, however, that he was ready since he got back and he’s ready to open talks for a rematch between the two. The betting markets would suggest that it would again result in a victory for the champion Usman, who has been so dominant for some time. He is always well supporting in the betting, with fans picking up the latest betting bonus code. These offer fans different offers that are available to use on all MMA markets, which always proves popular on each UFC event.

The next challenge for Usman will still likely be Gilbert Burns as he, unfortunately, had to pull out prior after testing positive for the coronavirus, and so that will be the first hurdle for the champ to overcome but there are many who believed Burns didn’t really belong in the octagon with Usman but he has shown to be a worthy competitor – whilst waiting for the rematch however Masvidal’s fight options are looking a little slim – Leon Edwards is still waiting for his title shot against Usman, Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington have been expected to finalise a deal for a fight there, and the other biggest name in the division Conor McGregor seems like he’s sticking to his guns of being retired, unless Masvidal is looking to fight Nate Diaz again in a rematch for the BMF title or any of the other players in the top ten, he could be facing a small delay before getting back in the octagon.

The Covington and Woodley fight could hold the potential to be incredible too – Woodley has been saying for the longest time that he’d like to beat up Colby dating back to when he was the current champ but there have been a number of hurdles that prevented it from happening, but holding two recent losses against Usman and Burns it seems that something isn’t working for him and at 38 years of age, he doesn’t really have a huge amount of time left in the sport – fans are hoping to see something finalised soon here however as Colby is always an interesting fight regardless of whether or not you’re a big fan of his, and perhaps it could be the fight that leads to the comeback of Woodley, that or the loss could be his reason for retirement.

Either way a rematch for Masvidal can only be a good thing, the first pulled in a huge 1.3 million pay-per-view buys, with some suggesting lockdown measures as the reason the names do lead to something exciting – a rematch with a full camp could also give punters something to look forward, sporting events returning has led to a huge resurgence in online betting once again continuing from the strength mobile gambling has had as a whole recently and a huge event like this will no doubt capitalise on the success the first did, and we may see a very different fight with a full training camp and all of the preparations the fighters can make.

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