The betting industry is one that doesn’t stand still, with a range of new additions constantly being given to those who place bets. This covers how we bet, what we bet on and also other aspects and one of those is the creation of in play betting.

This is different from the traditional betting that many are used to. Rather than placing your bets before the event begins, you wait and bet during play, in the hope of gaining an advantage over the bookmaker you are using.

With in play betting you can view current, real-life form rather than trying to guess what is going to happen and in the case of MMA, this can be a very valuable tool to use.

If you are looking for new ways to bet on the latest UFC events and have fancied trying in play wagering before, here is why you should try and insert it into your MMA betting.

The Best Form Book Possible

When you compare MMA fighters before a big bout, in many cases these have not fought each other before. Therefore, you are guessing and trying to use old pieces of form to work out who you think will win.

You could be looking at things from two or maybe even three years ago to decide where you want to put your money and regardless of the sport, this is not the best way to bet.

In play betting gives you the best form book you could possibly ask for because it is based on the fight you are wagering on.

Don’t leave it too long, as some fights are over quickly but watch the early stages before placing a bet and see how the fighters are matching up with each other.

If the fighter you are backing is on top, his odds will go down and your profit will be less, but the advantage you have should give you more confidence about your bet.

Monitor the Flow of a Fight

The flow of an MMA fight is key to working out the winner, and more often than not it is also key to working out the method of victory.

With many people betting on the victory method, this is another way to use in play betting to your advantage.

Are both fighters swinging and looking for the knockout blow, or is this a tactical fight that will be won by submission? There are many ways to win an MMA fight that you may see during a fight.

Is it a fight that could prove to be too tactical, meaning it goes all the way and the judges are required to split the two fighters?

If you have an opinion on this then it will really help you work out where you want your money to go in the fight, giving an insight you wouldn’t know about prior to the start.

The Feeling of Winning Twice

The great part about in play betting is you can feel like you’ve won twice. The first win comes with the price, these change dramatically so if you get on at the right moment you can get a far bigger win on your bet.

The second is of course the actual outcome of the bet. More people are beginning to bet in play, and there are now even free bets available to those who want to bet during a fight. A risk free bet is an excellent option for beginners, giving a free no-risk chance to win funds and boost your betting bank.

The world of MMA betting is constantly on the rise, with more people betting, more markets and now in play betting to give punters the chance to try out something completely new.




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