The Diaz brothers have been a huge part of the UFC and have always put on exciting fights for the promotion, but for the past few years it has been Nate gaining the attention following two big fights again Conor McGregor and the BMF title fight against Jorge Masvidal, but the latest Diaz news isn’t around Nate, as it’s Nick who may be ready for a comeback.

Nick had been slated to fight Masvidal previously instead of his brother, but that never came to be – UFC boss Dana White has said plenty of times that there’s no arguing with the brothers, they’ll fight when they want to fight, but following what could be aptly described as a test weight cut, it seems Nick may be preparing for a 2021 comeback, stating that he is keeping an eye on the big welterweight fights.

Nick has had a bit of time out – 2015 to be specific where he brought Anderson Silva to a no contest in January of that year after Silva tested positive for PEDs and Nick tested positive for marijuana use and may be part of the reason he has been out for so long – even though it has been so long, he is no doubt one of the biggest names in the sport still as the Diaz brothers bring a lot of brawling, and a lot of blood.

This will likely be exciting for punters too, with such a big name coming back it will send the bookies crazy and will no doubt have big PPV sales. Despite recent adjustments to initiatives and regulations, online gambling and betting has been finding a huge footing and a surge of new players such as the Best casinos, it’s also difficult to ever put bad odds on the Diaz brothers, although they may not be the most technical fighters they’re certainly durable.

It is all largely rumor at this point however – the first weight cut for Nick in four years is a good sign but it may just be him getting in shape, both brothers have been quite outspoken about the UFC in the past and there had been other rumors that Nick may not be on the best of terms with the UFC boss, which could all work against any potential return that may be lined up.

There are also questions around who he may fight in the Welterweight division – it’s difficult to imagine that after being out for so long Nick would get a shot at any of the top names, perhaps after the Colby and Tyron fight there’s a shot there, although if Tyron loses he may be on the way out. There are some big names toward the bottom half though such as Robbie Lawler, Neil Magny, RDA or Michael Chiesa – many will be keeping their eyes on upcoming events throughout the end of 2020 and start of 2021, as we may see both brothers back under the same organization at the same time once again.

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