Sports betting is popular in Australia. An obvious reason for its popularity is it is considered legal in Australia. There are many websites offering betting tips, guides, and match results predictions. After reading them, you might feel sporting bets are relatively easy, but that is not true.

Most sports bettors are successful when they win 60% of their bets. There are several pitfalls for newbies. Here are the rookie mistakes you should avoid in sports betting.

  1. Don’t Fall in Trap of Parlays

Parlay betting refers to one or more bets combined into one. This can include prop bets, futures, totals, money lines, or point spreads. Newbies like parlays bets due to their big odds. The odds in parlay bets are so high that you seldom win.

A four-team parlay generally pays 13:1 odds. In simple words, you will win $1,300 only if you win all four bets at $100. Sportsbooks highlight the parlay bets in a good light because many newbies are attracted to gambling and ready to lose money.

  1. Don’t Bet on Sports and Teams You Don’t Know

The sports betting sites like may give you useful tips and match predictions. However, that information is not enough to win big in sports betting. Your knowledge of the sports and the game is equally important. You need to know the important variables that affect the game’s outcome and collect a large amount of data for better match predictions.

Similarly, knowing the teams is equally important. You need to see the performance of the team. You also need to gather data about the team’s Wins-Draws-Loss for several past matches to understand their current form.

  1. Don’t Go for Spreads That Are Too High or Low

Spread betting is of various types. In this betting, the payoff is not based on the win or lose but on the wager’s accuracy. The bookmakers are known to set a spread that gets good bets for both teams, and there is equal action in the betting scenario. For example, the Adelaide Black Falcons are a -4 point favourite against Perth Gold. If you want to bet the spreads on the Adelaide Black Falcons, they have to win by a minimum of 4 points to win the bet. If the spread is over or under, there is a reason for it. The bookmakers know what they do, and you should avoid betting on such odds.

  1. Not Sticking To Budget

Most people get carried away in sports betting and continue to place bets in the hope of winning. It will help if you remain careful when betting in sports. Set a budget before placing bets on any game. Don’t go over the budget, even if you win or you lose. When you don’t stick to the budget, you are more likely to lose money and invite financial troubles.

  1. Using Your Heart and Not Your Head

It is common to bet on their favourite teams. Remember, sports betting’s primary aim is to earn money and not show your love for the team. Your favourite team is not going to benefit in any way by placing bets on them. Don’t let your allegiance obstruct your judgment. Sometimes, the best bet is on the opposite team, and you need to follow your research and knowledge when placing bets.

There is a learning curve for sports betting. As you participate and do more research, you will gain in-depth knowledge of how sports betting works and what you need to do to earn big.

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