At its core, martial art is a sum total of combat practices that can be used to defend yourself from physical attack from another man or from a group of people. Martial arts go way back – probably since when we started imprinting our existence in this world. Maybe not in the organized and differentiated version we have now, but martial arts indeed have their roots deep down in ancient history.

Martial arts not only provide protection for personal safety, but they’ve also been historically known to be used for safe-keeping of business arena, the physical safety of the leaders or important people and were especially useful for protecting the gambling businesses from sometimes grumpy, drunk and defeated players. Today’s efficient and technologically advanced live casinos may not warrant the service from martial arts, but they still provide protection for the land-based casinos where very often disgruntled customers would have wreaked havoc given that they were awarded the opportunity.

But martial arts not only have significant relevance in protecting businesses, they have significant presence in the armed forces around the world, in various formats embedded in their training protocol as well. At the very personal level, martial arts are one of the greatest tools to restore confidence, focus and awareness. They help us set our goals and how to pursue them, define honor and respect and how we can live our life keeping them intact and show us the path to neutralize conflicts using non-violent resolution.

Like different languages, martial arts are different in nature. If someone asks you which language you want to learn first – the logical answer would be that the language which is spoken in the country where you probably are heading in the near future. Similarly, the question of which martial art I am going to learn would be best answered by judging what I want to achieve by learning martial arts in the first place. And like learning many languages, it is indeed good to know more than one but as a starter, you need to pick one and start your journey with that one.

Which Martial Art Should I Learn First?

Martial arts have gone through profound evolutions with the culture and traditions of different countries. They have differences in their form and they are given different names based on the country of their origin. The list given below point out some popular types of martial arts with their country of origin:

S.No Name Country of origin
1 Jiu-Jitsu Brazil
2 Muay Thai Thailand
3 Kung Fu China
4 Karate Japan
5 Taekwondo Korea
6 Ninjutsu Japan
7 Jujutsu Japan
8 Aikido Japan
9 Judo Japan

In most cases personal preferences are the determiners to be fixated on one form of martial arts to start with. But we need to evaluate a few points nonetheless.

Easy learning:

It is best to start with the one that is easy to learn. One very important reason for this is that the easier version will skyrocket your confidence. Also some moves may require complex maneuvering with heightened physical prowess which can be difficult to master for a complete newcomer.


Your motive is a very important catalyst for making up your mind. The variation of the martial arts you are going to pursue profoundly relies on your motive. For some, becoming disciplined, physical fitness, mental fulfillment, and efficiency in carrying yourself with the very important aspect of self-defense are some of the deciding factors for which people break sweats for learning martial arts. So, you need to sort out what works for you best. In short, you need careful analysis of your motivation and act accordingly.

Characteristics and Personal Capacity

Age, body structure, shape, height, and weight are some of the features of your body you should carefully study before finalizing the form of martial arts you are going to pursue. The ability to tolerate physical pain and sustain under duress maintaining are infinitely important for martial arts. When you start learning, you are going to punish yourself a lot, by receiving a kick or landing a powerful punch every now and then. So, know our endurance level and decide upon that knowledge.

Judging on the personal faculties I’ve just mentioned and analyzing the difficulty levels of the base forms of different martial arts, we would suggest that karate would be the ideal form of martial arts to get started with. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be karate for you to get started.

So, like the forms of the martial arts, know yourself first and choose one to be the best version of yourself.




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