Since technology is upgrading, mobile applications are finding different spaces in the market. Mobile technology has enabled applications to be used by users for personal and business purposes. However, it is necessary to ensure the safety and security of this application during app development. When the information and data are stored in any application, it is at the risk of being stolen or lost; hence while developing a customized mobile application, it is essential to take care of the following points.

Encryption of data at all levels

One cannot rely on device-level security to keep sensitive information safe. The feature of encryption of data in the mobile is best to start with. If you want to optimize the protection of data on your mobile application, then encryption at all levels is required.

Whether it is information access or database management, encrypting the data at all levels from end-to-end can help you to provide additional measures of security in the customization of mobile applications.

Separate application information from user data

In day to day lives, people access their mobile phone applications multiple times. Isolating the information from user data adds up to the protection of mobile applications. This tool is also used as a method in which security is not compromised at any level of transfer of information.

Most large scale corporations engage in business operations using mobile applications; hence the protection of user data and information is necessary. Isolation of applications and data is a solution that enhances the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Ensure safe access to the network

It is necessary to explore the networks in mobile applications. However, these networks accessed by multiple users have to be safe. Some mobile applications protect user data by offering access to only specific users. This helps in uncompromised security with encryption and isolation of information.

IT administrators have to make sure that these accesses are provided in confirmation with the policies laid down. During customization, mobile applications can include disabling the sequential numbers for multiple passwords being entered.


Before the user launches any mobile application, the password is to be added by the user to ensure authentication. These passwords have to be strong with many characters. It provides secure authentication and authorization by the user to keep the information safe.

Customization of mobile applications has become prevalent in the application development sector for quite a few years. With authentication and authorization to specific users only, the employee’s database in companies can also be protected.

Confidentiality of sensitive data

Confidentiality of sensitive data is necessary because it may leak from logs and error messages. When the mobile application is being customized, install the cache manager to clear the clutter running in the background during the usage of the application.

Whenever there is a log off of the application, all the objects, transfers, and data shall stop to ensure the protection of data. The mobile application customization can only be considered successful when the local transfers of data are dealt with without any breach of information.


Even after following various levels of security checks, the mobile application can not be considered secure. Therefore, providing authorization to the user can add another stage of security check to reassure that the user information in the application is safe.

The application shall list out only the authorized users to access the controls on the functions. All the permissions are only granted when the user is mobile-enabled. The back-end services can check this function. Hence, authorization can significantly help to customize a mobile application with security controls.

Security for data cleanup

Usually, users face an issue when they try to log off, the data is still with the application. This results in a higher possibility of data being insecure. A mobile application can only be considered secure when all the objects in the system get wiped out on logging off the application.

Several measures have to be taken to ensure that the data does not get breached. The data structures need to be cleaned when the application is shut to prevent any security threats. The best benefit of customizing a mobile application is that you can always add and subtract the security controls for cleaning up the data. This is required to prevent any breach.

Prevention in local data transfers

The users fill in information based on trust and reliability that security controls will prevent their data. Nonetheless, if the security measures are not strong enough, they can result in local transfers. No user information must be locally transferred through the mobile application.

Even if the mobile application is running in the background, it should erase all the data from the clipboard to prevent the transfer. The external sources can not use sensitive information of the user, if the prevention measures are strictly adhered to while customizing the application.

Adopting anti-debugging solutions

The technicalities may be tricky to understand in the beginning. More and more security controls shall mean more levels of authentication and authorization therefore, if multiple anti-debugging solutions are added while customization, the mobile application can become more reliable for the user.

The application shall be able to verify that no manipulation or external transfer of data has occurred.  Often the debugger gets attached to the application and extracts the information. Hence if during the development of the mobile app, the anti-debugging solutions can be used, the security controls can be easily assured.

String obfuscation

The malicious attackers tend to gather sensitive information from the internals of the application. To prevent this from happening, the plain text content of the sources have to be eliminated. Using more sophisticated tactics to play with the hacker’s mind can also help to protect the information from getting leaked.

Strong obfuscation methods and solutions can induce the hacker to transverse the data and decode the entire bundle of data. Therefore, preprocessing can significantly contribute to maintaining the security of mobile applications during development and customization.


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