Betting on sports events in online casinos has been popular for years. Usually, online casinos offer more betting options and a wider variety of sports than bookmakers, however, when it comes to martial arts the selection is still not mind-blowing.

Most online casinos that offer bets on MMA only offer UFC events and often only moneyline bets are possible.

Mixed martial arts is getting more and more popular worldwide, so are we going to see more of it popping up on online casinos’ betting sections? We are looking into this issue in this article. Luckily we could ask Martim Nabeiro – an expert in Portuguese iGaming – to give his insight on what the future might hold for MMA betting fans.

How to choose the casino?

Not all online casinos offer the possibility of placing bets on MMA but what is even more important, is that not all casinos are honest. Before signing up on a new casino’s website you should always read in-depth casino reviews from a reputable source. For example, Betano casino online is a great online casino option for Portuguese players.

MMA is gaining popularity rapidly in Portugal and the country has already had many great fighters in UFC events. However, the former colony, Brazil has given some of the best fighters in this sport. With strong ties between the two countries, it is no wonder that MMA is loved all over Portugal.

Online MMA betting options

When it comes to MMA, in most online casinos the only option to bet on is Ultimate Fighting Championship events. As the sport is getting more and more popular though, other MMA events might become available to bet on in some casinos.

As for the betting options, depending on the casino you can place different types of bets and these are:

  • Moneylines: most of the time there is a winner and a loser – in MMA draws are very rare. Therefore you can bet on either the favourite or the underdog.
  • Total rounds: in a 5-round fight the total is set at 4.5 rounds. Bets can be placed for “over” or “under” meaning that the fight will finish earlier or later than at 2:30 minutes in the 5th round.
  • Proposition bets: this means betting on if the fight will go the distance or not; or if a fighter will win with KO or TKO.

How to bet on fights

Placing bets is easy. You select the fight you want to bet on and select the bet type or with money lines, the name of the person you want to bet on. Then usually on the right side of the screen, an area appears where you can enter the amount of money you want to wager. After entering the number you can see the figure you will get if you win.

In Portugal (and most of continental Europe) the odds are displayed in a decimal format. As an example of an upcoming fight:

  • Carlton Minus vs Rick Glenn pays 3.4 and 1.25 respectively. This means that if you place a €1 bet on Carlton Minus and he wins you can cash out €3.40.

Mobile betting on the rise

As much as mobile casino games, mobile betting is on the rise. With the widespread use of smartphones and reliable 4G, 5G and wifi connections, gaming and betting are available for anyone over the age of 18.

Many casinos have optimized their content to mobile use so you can place your bet from your smartphone or tablet with ease within seconds. Others offer mobile apps that are just as easy to use. Mobile MMA bets can now be placed while you are sitting on the bus or waiting in line.


The betting options on MMA fights are not very widespread yet but as the sport is becoming more and more popular, casinos will not want to miss out on offering these bets to their customers. Get familiar with the rules of MMA as well as the different types of bets this sport offers and make the fight even more exciting by betting on it.


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