Postpartum recovery is one of the most important things that people usually overlook. When you are expecting a baby, everyone you come across would tell you stories of how hard their delivery was. Most people try to scare you for what’s coming, but I believe the worst part is recovering from childbirth.

My Recovery

Postpartum recovery is not as simple as people assume it might be and believe me, I didn’t know either till I personally experienced it myself lately. It could take weeks and, in some cases, months to completely recover to a sane state of mind and body. Recovering from postpartum is different for everyone depending upon what kind of childbirth you had, normal or a c section, how much motivated you are to get back to normal, your environment, and the people surrounding you.

Recovering from normal childbirth is far easier and faster than a c-section. For both kinds of deliveries, you must start walking immediately. As soon as you become mobile, your recovery becomes easier. Make sure you take the prescribed vitamins along with all recovery tips you get from your mother or mother in law.

It would only take a few days after normal childbirth for you to get back to the routine and care for your baby. It’s still recommended to take complete rest for at least six weeks. What we need to understand is that it’s not just recovering from childbirth; it’s how your body changed and grew throughout those nine months. It takes at least six weeks for your uterus to get back to its shape, and hormones usually take a while to come back to the normal level.

When the baby is sleeping, sleep is one of the most effective tips I got for my recovery. Since the baby is new to the world’s ways and not yet used to sleeping through the night, it gets difficult to sleep for the mother as well. Sleeping helps you recover, and that way, you’re fresh enough during the hours awake to take care of your baby. Most of the time, childbirth leaves you overwhelmed, and the fear of not caring for the baby properly keeps you awake for days.

The Role Of People Around You

People around you should make sure that you get some time to yourself while they take over the baby, and you go out for a walk or fresh air. Your mental health needs to be as pampered and taken care of as possible. Raised hormone levels can cause baby blues, which can turn into a permanent state of postpartum depression if not taken care of. Whoever takes care of you should have ample knowledge of postpartum depression, that way, they’ll be able to understand the crying spells and severe reactions to small problems.

Post c section, you should make sure you wear a belt around your waist to support your back and prevent the stitched area from getting impacted while you walk around. Make sure you take warm showers and keep the area of stitches clean and dry. Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least six weeks. You might feel as normal as ever after ten days of your c-section, but internal stitches take at least six weeks to heal completely. Walk as much as you can at whatever pace is comfortable for you, but it’s important to walk. It speeds up recovery. Keep a check on your diet, make sure it’s healthy to avoid processed food and juices for six weeks. Drink a lot of water to help avoid constipation, making a recovery hard in both kinds of childbirth.

Tips For Postpartum Recovery

It’s important to stay positive and happy. According to my experience, 70 percent of your recovery is through your mind, and the rest takes care of itself. Make sure to surround yourself with people that you love and feel happy around. However, here are some remedies/tips to help you heal even faster.

Helping Your Perineum

The perineum is the inferior part of your pelvic structure and the one that takes the most damage during childbirth. The question that haunts most new-mothers is whether their vagina will ever get back to the way it was and will sex ever feel the same way.

The answer to both the questions is yes! Although it may not be all the way there, it comes pretty close. The initial care of ice-packing your perineum may be catered for by nursing. But later, you need to spray hot water (after) every time you pee to keep the urine from infecting the torn skin. Having a hot tub at your home is a plus point, where you can take hot baths a couple of times during a day until you are completely healed.

C-Section Care

Not all childbirths are the same, you may go through the “normal” birthing cycle or have a C-section surgery. But the post-care for a C-section surgery is a notch complicated and more important than a normal birth.

Ensure you are in contact with your doctor and inform him/her about any pain, irritation, or reaction to a medicine you might be feeling. Putting the use of a belt around your waist to support your back will put less stress on your stitches when walking around or moving.

However, you may not indulge yourself in vigorous exercises until you get the OK from your doctor. Until then, gently wiping your scar with a damp cloth and applying the ointment at least once a day is helpful in recovery.

Pain Relief

There is going to be a lot of pain from the stretching and pushing during postpartum. Going through a C-section surgery is also bound to have you experience continuous pain for weeks. Although your doctor will prescribe you a different medication to ease the pain, there are some other home remedies that you can try to make it better.

But before you try any home remedies, it is necessary to get the approval of your doctor. Herbal extracts like White Horn Kratom are used to ease sensory and neuropathic pain and can be used to cure postpartum phases of extreme pain. See here to gain knowledge about it and try it out for yourself.

You can buy kratom online from kratom krush or find it in a pharmacy, depending on the place you are living in. Again, reactions to different medicine and drugs vary from person to person, which is why getting approval from your doctor is necessary.

Get Enough Rest

Although many people stress on being mobile and moving around, I think the best way to recover postpartum is by making sure you get enough rest. The initial few days of excitement and pain allow for limited sleep.

But later, when your child needs tending and is not accustomed to the normal clock that we have, sleep deprivation becomes very common. Your body heals naturally, and to do that, and it needs to rest.

You can set your sleep schedule so that you sleep when the baby is sleeping. Getting a stretch of 6-8 hours of sleep is never going to happen for several months. So it is always helpful to settle that fact in from the beginning.

When your sleep requirement is met, you will naturally find yourself to be more active and in a lighter mood throughout the day.

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