Buying your first pair of boxing gloves can be pretty exciting, right? But, what about the quality of the gloves, and do you need to prioritize the colour too? Several factors need to be considered before you invest your money in your first pair of boxing gloves. From the type to the material, you need to pay attention to a lot.

Here, we are going to highlight some of the quintessential factors that you need to look out for.

Consider the type

Not many people realize this but even boxing gloves have specific types that you need to look out for. Several ones are meant for individual activities like fighting, amateur fighting, fitness, punch, and so on. While you can’t be using the sparring gloves for punching a bag, you can’t use professional fighting gloves for something else. So, you need to consider the type that works best for your needs.

Weight and Size

Another factor worth considering is the weight and size of the gloves. Generally, they range between 8 oz. and 20 oz., depending on the requirements of the user. So, if you are playing professionally, you will likely need one that fits the tournament requirements. The medium-sized gloves are considered the best option for women while the sparring and the training gloves often range between 12-20 oz. The 16 oz. a variant is generally suited best for the training modules.


Several different types of boxing gloves vary depending on the materials used in them. Some of them are made of leather and some are made with vinyl. If you are buying the boxing gloves for kids or beginner boxers, getting the vinyl options are considered the best option. If you play professionally, you can’t use anything but leather gloves. But you need to realize that the leather gloves are a little more expensive compared to the vinyl ones.

Design of the hand wrap

Another factor worth considering when buying boxing gloves is the design of the hand wrap of the grip that holds the gloves together. When getting the first gloves, you need first invest in a hand wrap or the inner gloves before you wear the actual boxing gloves. These are made with shock-absorbent materials that prevent the risks of injuries to your wrist or fingers.

Closure options

Last but not least is to consider the closure options. Some of them come with the lace-up design while the other ones feature the Velcro design. While the Velcro options are more suited for training purposes, the lace-up design works better for professional players. The Velcro enclosures tend to bruise and hurt your arm pretty easily, so you do need to keep a check on that.

When it comes to buying boxing gloves, these are some of the important factors that you need to keep a check on. From the quality to the brand, you are buying it from, there are several factors that you need to prioritize.


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