Mixed Martial Arts, abbreviated as MMA, is a sporting activity with a rich history. The first time this sport was played was during the Olympic Games in 648 BCE. This hybrid combat sport incorporates techniques from judo, wrestling, jujitsu, karate and boxing, to mention a few.

In the early days, some criticized it as a sport with no rules. For a fight to end, one of the fighters had to acknowledge defeat or be rendered unconscious. However, as days went by, rules were set, and it has now become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world in the 21st century.

Why MMA is becoming popular

One of the purest sports

Sports are meant to entertain. However, the field has opened up cases of fraud, suspensions and all manner of ills. The good news about martial art is that it has been rated among the purest in its class of sports. Cases of whining, money mongers or even scandals are very minimal in this sport. The fighters just need to train, work hard and be dedicated to becoming the best in this art.

Year-round action

UFC is a big name in the mixed martial arts industry as it is the biggest promoter. UFC has been holding countless events through pay-per-view channels, FUEL TV, FX, FOX and Facebook all year round. Most people argue that their efforts have been excessive, but it is good for the MMA community. There are eight different weight classes, which means that fans have something to look forward all year round.

Social support

It is now a global sport that is attracting fans from all over. Fantasy MMA League is now a thing, and fans can create their dream teams through the internet. Betting sites are now including MMA games on their sites where people can wager and have fun. The fact the MMA fighters can interact with their fans online is another big contributor to its popularity. Such people have now created a family of online followers beyond their home regions and enjoy massive support.

What is punching power, and why does it matter?

It is the amount of kinetic energy in the fighter’s punches. There are 5 things that must come into play for a fighter’s punching power to be considered powerful. These include proper weight shifting, lack of arm punching, use of proper footwork, pivoting with a punch and stepping during a punch. The fighter needs to develop a strong core for powerful punching power.

How to increase the punching power using physics

Physics is a broad science that deals with concepts such as energy, mass, motion and force. It is an experimental science that seeks to understand the natural world. You can learn how to increase punching power using the basic principles that define physics.

Our main focus here will be on the impact force created by a punch. Thus, we shall explore the energy of a body in movement (kinetic energy) and the impacting force when that energy comes into contact with another body.

Some of the questions to ask yourself are; does a big mass of the arm equate to increased punching power? Will the speed of the punch determine the power in that punch? We cannot only look at the two because we are not interested in the net force. The focus will thus be on generating more kinetic energy. The following are some of the approaches to increase punching power:

Put more mass behind the punch

For this to happen, you must take advantage of the lower body motion. Leg drive is one of the approaches to build-up momentum in the kinetic chain. There will thus be greater fist velocity. Strength training should thus focus on lower body kinetics. Before the impact, you can attain higher effective masses if you are trained martial art professionals by tightening appropriate muscles.

Faster energy release

Decreasing the duration of the impact is another approach that will increase punching power. Thus, if the same amount of force in terms of mass and velocity is released in a shorter distance, then the punch will be stronger. However, there is a certain threshold that must be met for this to be achieved.

You can now see that you can use physics to increase your punching power and become a better MMA fighter. However, you still need to ensure that you invest in explosive power training mostly for the leg muscles. Other tactics that will help you become better in this art include; proper whole-body relaxation, core strength exercises and tightening of the entire body on contact. 

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