Mixed martial arts is one of the most popular and well-known full-contact fighting sports across the globe, with the events from the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, registering impressive viewership rates across the past decade. 

Each season, there are as many as 39 Ultimate Fighting Championship events that cause millions of fans to flock their television screens or crowd arenas globally in support of their favourite competitors. While many organisations promote this particular sport, nothing can beat its popularity.

The popularity of this fast-paced sport has grown massively in recent years, providing punters with lots of opportunities to win some serious money prizes. Competitive odds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship events are available across thousands of bookies, but this makes it difficult for punters to separate the best sites from the bad ones.

If you enjoy watching the MMA fights and you’re looking to take your wagers online, then no need worry when it comes to picking the best gambling destination. This is because you will find lots of options at betting.co.uk to choose from. Before you can select your final betting site, be sure to go through the following sections of this guide to discover more.

Why Betting on MMA Events Can be Profitable

Placing wagers on MMA can be profitable to any serious punter, and there is no doubt about that. Below are some of the reasons why: 

Fade the Public

MMA is popular, and many individuals love to place bets on its events. Bookmakers do what they can under their powers to get even cash on each side of the fight, and this can allow any serious punter to take advantage of the betting public. People have not been placing wagers on the MMA events for long, and there is less information out there. 

Most of the individuals who place bets on MMA events often obtain some quick tips from family members, talking head, or select big names or popular favourite. When a huge amount of cash is coming in on one fighter, bookies will, in most cases, want to offer good odds to the other competitor to balance the action. If you are lucky enough, then these favourable odds can prove to be your best friend.


Props are one of the MMA betting areas to look for favourable odds. The Moneyline odds on who will emerge the winner are often dialled in compared to some of the exotic bets on offer. Be sure to take a closer look at the props since that is an area where you can earn some value. 

Less Mature Odds

Even though the sport of MMA has expanded in popularity, it can still be categorised as a newer game in the market when compared with the likes of horse racing, greyhound racing, baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball, to mention just a few of them. 

Since it is relatively new, odds creators are not as perfect as in other betting sports where they have more experience in terms of setting the lines. Sportsbooks are operating normally since they are good at what they do. And that does not mean that you cannot find some advantageous odds for MMA events.

What Are The Most Popular Types of MMA Bets?

Similar to other popular sports, you will find a wider range of bets on MMA events. It is worth understanding all of them before you can start your online betting journey. The main types of MMA betting that you will find at a top and recommended betting site include:


Putting Moneyline wagers together for enhanced odds is what parlays mean. The payout that parlays offer will be greater compared to that of wagering on one outcome only. However, you will only win if all the legs of the parlay bet win. If any of the fighters lose, then you will lose everything.

Moneyline Bet

Also known as a match bet, Moneyline is a wager on the results of a fight, with odds provided for each side of the match. It is just similar to placing a Moneyline bet on a basketball or football game by just picking a team to emerge the winner over the other. In MMA betting, a Moneyline bet involves picking one fighter to be the winner.


If you have a strong feeling that an MMA fight will either go to decision or end quickly, then an over/under bet on rounds will be a perfect match for you. In this type of MMA bet, the bookmaker will present to you a round total, which includes the number of rounds until the decision or the fight ends by KO. You will need to guess whether the fight will last shorter or longer than the total round provided.

Exact Round Betting

A good number of bookmakers will allow you to place real money bets on the exact round when the MMA fight will end. The best part is that the exact-round wagers can be lucrative as there’re numerous potential outcomes. 

Based on the sportsbook that you are using, you may be in a position to get more specific and select the fighter that will win and in which round. The potential payout for this type of bet is significantly massive since you are more specific about the results. As the degree of difficulty increases on any bet, the payouts also increase, and this is the mechanism that exact round betting utilises.

Method of Victory

The method of victory is one of the entertaining types of MMA wagers. With a method of victory bet, you can attempt to select how a given fighter will be by decision, submission, or knockout. The prices for each one of them will likely differ since every fighter has different strengths when it comes to combat. This type of bet is inside the distance, also known as ITD. An ITD bet predicts that a specific fighter will win before all rounds of the match are complete and goes to a decision. 

Sometimes, bookmakers offer wagers on the kind of decision that helps determine the outcome of a given fight. A split decision is where two of the judges score the fight in favour of one competitor, and the third scores in favour of the other fighter. On the other hand, a unanimous decision is where all judges agree on one winner. A majority decision is where two of the judges score the fight in favour of a specific fighter, and the remaining judge scores it a draw.

Top Tips for Betting on MMA

Every sport has some tips and strategies that you can utilise to increase your chances of winning, and MMA is no different. Some of the proven MMA betting tips include the following:

  • Understand public perception and odds. 
  • Pay close attention to line fluctuations and movements. 
  • Sign up with several sportsbooks to allow you to shop around for the best lines. 
  • Do your research before placing any bet on an MMA event. 
  • Keep in mind that styles make fights. 
  • Try to be as selective as possible.
  • Take advantage of sportsbook bonuses and promotions on different MMA events. 
  • Only sign up with the top and reputable betting sites. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start your MMA betting journey, then this article has excellent information that can help you get started on a high note. Once you pick your favourite site at betting.co.uk, you should always remember to take advantage of the tips provided. Also, you can try out some of the bets discussed above. By doing these simple tasks, you will be sure to take your MMA betting to another greater level.

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