To be part of the UFC, you will need discipline, training as well as sheer will. That is why it is a sport that not everyone can partake in. and to those who do take the courage to partake in the sport, we do say to “bravo” to you. Today, we want to take a look at some of the top fighters who despite it all, have managed to stand tall in the UFC.

Leading UFC Female Fighters

Weili Zhang

Weili Zhang is currently the UFC Women’s Champion and that is for good reason. She is good fighter who is able hold her own during the match. The match in which she won the belt was against Joanna Jedrzejczyk was seen as the battle of the year in 2020. That shows that she is not only skilled but a great fighter who knows what she wants as soon she steps into the ring. Did you know you can also bet on UFC games? Check out jeux casino for more information.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

The Polish star is cut from a different kind of fabric, one that they don’t seem to make much of these days. Despite the fact she lost the match between Zhang, she is still a great fighter one is able to hold her own and own who is able to take a punch. The match between her and Zhang will be recorded in history as one of the greatest fights ever. It wouldn’t be a shock if there was an online casino slot game at that was released in the hour of these two great fighters.

Amanda Ribas

Skill and composure is what makes Amanda Ribas the great UFC female fighter that there is today. The tactics that she uses in the ring are ones that you can she spent hours on perfecting. This was especially seen in one of her matches where she forced the opponent into submission in the very first round. Something which is very rare considering how reliant UFC female fighters are.



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