If you have ever played hockey before, you understand the dire need for protection. It can be a dangerous sport, with pucks flying left, right, and center, and hockey sticks in fast motions. This is why it is absolutely paramount that a player is well protected before he or she enters the rink. Otherwise, the player may end up with serious injuries.

Once you have your protective gear, you are fit to play. However, you must learn to take care of this gear, too; otherwise, it will tear or get worn out very quickly, and you will find yourself needing to replace it very often. If you take care of your gear, it may last longer.

Choosing your hockey gloves

You need to first choose gloves that suit you well. Decide how much you are willing to spend on these gloves, and then pick the ones you like the most and that fit the best. https://www.total-hockey.com/collections/hockey-gloves is one example of a store that sells hockey gloves. Total Hockey has a wide variety of gloves in all sizes, colors, and fits.

Taking care of your hockey gloves

It is easy to just throw your hockey gloves in your backpack after a tiring game and forgetting all about them till the next game. The truth of the matter is, the better you take care of your gloves, the longer they will last you. After a game of hockey, hang up your gloves to dry. You can do this on a gear rack specially designed for this purpose, but it can also be done anywhere around the house.

Gear Deodorizer

Once your gloves have air-dried, you must spray them with a gear deodorizer. A few examples of good sprays are Mold Monster, Captodor, and Beek’s Reek. These sprays will help break down all the bacteria that has built up on your gloves before it becomes crusty. You don’t have to completely saturate them, but make sure they are well covered. You can also wear one of your gloves on your hand and then spray it to make sure the entire surface is covered.

Wash your hands

Another measure you can take to prevent your gloves from deteriorating is to wash your hands with soap thoroughly before you get dressed up and ready for the game. Our hands carry a lot more bacteria than we think, so before you play and sweat out all these bacteria into your glove, wash your hands to rid them of any germs.

Eliminating smell

If your hockey gloves have started to smell, you can use a product called Clap Balm. Apply this to your hands, as it is a hand deodorant. Many athletes in the NHL and NCAA also use this, as it keeps the stink away from the gloves.

Washing your gloves

If your gloves already smell of sweat or any other bad odor, it may be time to wash your gloves. Wash them with cold water in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. You can finish them off with the spin cycle, so they dry. Add in some detergent, too, to get all the dirt out.

It is extremely important to take care of one’s’ equipment if you want it to last longer. Follow these simple steps to keep your gloves in top condition at all times!


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