Sports betting is a popular pastime all over the world and Americans also enjoy placing a wager on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and other sports. Gambling laws are likely prohibitive in the US, but the wheels are set in motion and every year brings good news for punters. Each state explained by this page here has its own set of rules that apply locally and in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision they enjoy a lot of freedom in creating specific laws. Is online sports betting legal in Texas is a simple question with a not so obvious answer.

Texas lawmakers reluctant to legalize gambling

Some states were quick to jump at the opportunity provided by the US Supreme Court and legalize sports betting. In Texas things are moving much slower and there are not too many reasons to be optimistic about the foreseeable future. The government is still reluctant to pass bills that would create the legal framework for state residents to back on sports. There are, however, avenues to enjoy sports betting, as some bookmakers accept players from Texas.

Americans have overwhelmingly switched to licensed US operators whenever they had the opportunity. Punters also like the idea of gambling legally and most would always pick a licensed casino, over one that is located offshore. Since sports betting isn’t licensed in the state, those who are hell-bent on placing a bet need to look elsewhere for solutions. This is a big problem for Texas, as well as other states that chose this path, because billions of dollars are heading elsewhere instead of being injected into the economy.

At first, Texas were optimistic about what the future would bring, given the state’s Atty. Gen. support for legalizing the activity in the US Supreme Court. Now that there is a clear opportunity to do it, there is no real sign that lawmakers are having into that direction. There is a bill in motion that could legalize mobile and online sports betting, but it would require the state Constitution to be amended. Given the difficulty of such an endeavor, it is hard to believe that this will happen on short-term.

Texans can still bet on sports

In spite of lacking the legal framework that would allow them to fully enjoy the peace of mind of gambling in complete accord with the law, Texans can bet on sports. They can either do it in neighboring states that have legalized this activity or bet online at bookmakers that accept players from this state. Most have chosen the latter, especially people betting small amounts over occasionally. Casual and recreational punters are not motivated to travel long distances to place a tiny back on their favorite teams.

Not all forms of gambling are illegal in Texas and tribal casinos located within state boundaries accept local players. Unfortunately, they don’t have bookmakers located at the premises, so punters are missing out on the chance to bet on their favorite teams. Until the state Constitution is amended or a new set of laws that legalize sports betting passes, offshore online bookies represent the only solution for Texans.


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