In the world of competitive sports, MMA is one of the fastest growing and most popular around. This is no surprise when you consider the bone-crunching action and drama it offers. There are also several MMA franchises (such as UFC and Bellator) for fans to follow. This ensures there’s always a cool fight to watch somewhere, and bouts that involve top fighters.

The location of any mixed martial arts promotion is naturally important and helps set the right tone for any event. A great number of these events (like many UFC meets) take place in casinos. But why are they the ideal venue for MMA fights?

Gambling and MMA are linked together

While some people like to catch MMA events purely for the action, many also like to bet on the fights. As a result, it has seen a close link being forged between MMA and gambling over the years. With this in mind, casinos are the ideal venue as they are also involved in the gambling sector. In addition, those who like to bet on sports may feel more comfortable doing so in setting that is conducive to gambling. The rise of online casinos (like the 4 best sportsbooks in West Virginia) means fans can even bet on MMA fights from their seats at events, and try to make money from the outcome.

Size is important 

Casinos make such great MMA venues because of their size. The major casinos in Las Vegas, for example, which host MMA promotions, have more than enough room to fit in not only the cage and fighters but also the large crowd. This is crucial, because any venue that hosts these events needs to have the room to do so safely and comfortably.

While UFC 248 at the T-Mobile Arena showed that other venues could also do this, casinos are still a top choice. Hosting in a large venue such as a casino also enables more fans to fit in and MMA itself to generate more revenue.

Casinos attract new fans

MMA is just like any other sport – it needs a constant influx of new fans to keep going. This helps the sport remain fresh and also stay relevant as time passes. While there are various marketing tools to do this, the passing footfall that casinos offer is very useful. People might visit or stay in a casino resort while on holiday and have no interest in MMA initially. If they see an event advertised, though, and decide to attend out of curiosity, these people might be converted into new MMA supporters. This level of passing trade and exposure is valuable for MMA and something that casinos offer.

Casinos are the perfect MMA venue

As the above shows, there are a few reasons that explain why casinos make the best venue for MMA events. It should also be remembered that casinos have a long history of hosting boxing events and putting on MMA events is therefore a continuation of this tradition. When you think about it more deeply, it is no surprise to see many mixed martial arts promotions held at casinos.


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