One of the most versatile and reliable types of equipment to increase the strength of your handgrip is the hand gripper tool. They are not only portable but small enough to take with you anywhere you go, and use them at home, at the gym or in the office environments with ease.

These have been around for decades, and many athletes and sports fanatics use them to enhance the strength of their lower arms, forearm, hands and fingers. It can effectively increase your ability to do many hand sports such as basketball, martial arts, tennis, weight lifting, arm wrestling, baseball and more.

Working out with this particular equipment helps to increase strength so you can be better at your sport. The below are only 4 of the many benefits from using them regularly.

Hand Endurance

Endurance, while is related to the capability of performing an activity like a sport for a longer period, is something many deem as an essential skill. When it comes to your hands, increasing their endurance can help boost your abilities tenfold, as well as the length of time you spend on an activity.

Anything from carrying heavy bags to playing a sport can be hugely improved when you train those muscles that need them, and using a handgrip helps to do just that. Improving this part of your body can help you sustain the weight of items for longer and minimize fatigue caused by heavyweight or prolonged periods of activity.

In the realm of fitness, there is a difference between stamina and endurance that most don’t know about. The physical and mental ability to withstand a motion for a long period is usually referred to as stamina, an example would be an energetic person. However, endurance is different in that your body can handle something for a long time. More about this difference can be found here

Impressive Forearms

Those who are looking for an impressive set of forearms can benefit from using the handgrip tool. Your fingers are controlled by the muscles located in your forearms, the extensors and flexors in this part of your arms help to open and close the fingers. When you use a handgrip, it has a resistance that can help to open and close it using some effort, when you do this motion repeatedly, you can improve the look and size of your lower arms.

Increase in Hand Strength

Training everything including your wrists and hands can help tremendously to build strength in these parts. When they are strong, so will your gym workout and sports game be. You will be able to carry and hold onto heavyweight easier than before with this Grip strength and if you play racquet sports, you will be able to hold your tennis or squash racket better and for a longer time.

Those who are into climbing and gymnastics, for instance, can also benefit from using this grip as it will increase the strength in your hands so you can support your body better.

Improvement on Dexterity

Dexterity, which is a skill needed when performing an act with your hands, is greatly improved when using this equipment and helps to work all your fingers independently. A good example is guitar players, who use this tool to help their fingers and grip when working a guitar on multiple strings.

It helps you to control your fingers better and apply equal pressure with all of them from your thumb to your pinky finger without losing strength and flexibility. It can also help those who type on their keyboards a lot.

The abilities of our hands and fingers are underrated and need to be taken more seriously, especially when you go to the gym. Many people only ever focus on the larger muscles of the body but the smaller ones need just as much attention if not more, seeing as we use them in our day to day activities.

You can get them in many adjustable formats as well as resistances, and various colors to match your work out outfit (if you’re inclined to). It also helps to minimize pain in the joints as we get older and common conditions such as arthritis kick in.

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