A UFC fighter, like athletes in other sports, needs good nutrition. Unlike many other disciplines, however, UFC competitors must lose weight so that they are roughly the same weight as the opponent. As a result, the nutrition plan of a UFC fighter is more difficult than that of other sports. Here are some samples of what UFC fighters consume on a daily basis as part of their fight preparation, which might help you pick or avoid some of them when betting on UFC matches at sportsbooks of online casinos at TopCasinoExpert.com.

A Typical Day in the Life of a UFC Fighter

The majority of high-profile UFC fighters will have a nutritionist design a balanced daily diet plan for them that includes everything they require. Their meals will be packed with carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and, of course, all of the vitamins and minerals that the human body needs.

The nutritionist will determine how they obtain those nutrients, as well as what the man-at-arms prefers to consume. Conor McGregor, Cody Garbrandt, and Ronda Rousey, for example, all eat rice, bread, or potatoes for carbohydrates.

Fighters have a lot of protein and fat options. Some prefer white meats such as chicken and fish, while others prefer red meats such as steak and bacon. Many combatants also enjoy eggs, milk, and other dairy goods.

Georges St-Pierre, for example, enjoys a special protein smoothie made with almond milk, cherries, and, of course, protein powder. Most UFC fighters will drink a lot of water, just like the rest of us, but coffee or tea are also acceptable options. McGregor even has a glass of milk for extra protein and hydration in the middle of the day.

Of course, almost every UFC athlete consumes light and nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies, and other greens. This is especially true when they’re trying to lose weight before a fight. Many fighters’ diets become more rigorous and generally less substantial during fight week, as many will have to lose several pounds to make weight.

Wrong Nutrition

Many fighters have struggled to gain weight, and this is usually due to poor nutrition. When former champion Johny Hendricks brags about eating fast food burgers before fights, he became a meme. Just ignore the fries, he added, and you’ll be OK. However, he missed weight in his following fight and earned a fine as a result. He’d continue to lose weight in consecutive fights, owing in part to his unbalanced diet.

Many UFC-specialized nutritionists are against keto diets, as McGregor’s nutritionist stated that if he put McGregor on a keto diet, he’d be ruined because he requires carbs for energy. Of course, many fighters would avoid sweets and pastries because they believe they are unhealthy. McGregor does, however, take dark chocolate with his lunch, as dark chocolate has been shown to have certain health benefits.

Alternatives to the Rule

Some UFC sportsmen, such as Nate Diaz, eat a mostly vegetarian diet, despite the fact that he himself is a pescatarian. A pescatarian is someone who eats just seafood and avoids all other animal products.

Kron Gracie, a budding UFC star, is a pescatarian as well. Fruits, vegetables, and seafood make up the majority of his diet. However, Gracie clarified that if he or a friend hunted and killed an animal, he won’t feel guilty about eating its meat. He simply refuses to eat meat from slaughterhouses or farms.

Unlike most other fighters, heavyweights aren’t required to cut weight. As a result, they can eat almost everything they desire, with a few restrictions. Although most still eat nutritious foods, some, including former champion Daniel Cormier, enjoy Popeyes Chicken.

Some fighting men don’t seem to mind and can maintain their weight while consuming fast food. Jorge Masvidal, for example, adores Taco Bell and McDonald’s, and he refuses to give them up while preparing for a fight.

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