Brendan Schaub is coming off arguably the best performance of his career in the biggest fight of his career.  While he did not get the quick first round knockout like he had done in his previous fights, he did systematically stalk, out-strike and pick apart Gabriel Gonzaga for three rounds at UFC 121, earning him the decision.  After a big win like this, many fighters would want to take some time off to enjoy their win and wait and see who the UFC wants them to fight next.  Shaub, however, is doing no such thing.  Schaub has made it very clear that he wants to get back into the octagon early next year and he has also made it very clear who he wants that fight to be with.

Schaub wants Frank Mir and if Frank Mir is unwilling to take the fight then “The Hybrid” wants to test his skills against Mirko Cro Cop.  In a recent conversation with Schaub, he stated that he wants to fight Frank Mir.  Mir made some comments about Schaub after his victory over Cro Cop at UFC 119.  Schaub indicated that he thinks he and Mir would be a good fight and he would like the opportunity to fight him.  Schaub further stated that if the Mir was unwilling to take the fight or if the UFC will not make the fight happen, then he thinks Cro Cop would be another good fight for him.  Cro Cop is still an excellent striker and still carries knockout power in both his hands and his feet and if the fight goes to the ground, he has decent submissions as well.

Both of these fights would be excellent fights for everybody involved, including the fans.  Schaub versus Mir is personal for both fighters and neither fighter can afford a loss if they want to make a run at the heavyweight championship.  Who ever wins this fight would have to be considered for title contention.  Though Schaub versus Cro Cop is not personal, it is still an excellent fight for both fighters and would be an exciting fight for the fans.  Both of these fighters would want to stand on their feet and exchange punches which is always a recipe for excitement.  If Schaub gets a win in this fight it would move him even closer to the elite fighters at the top of the heavyweight division.

After Schaub’s victory over Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 116, he asked the UFC for a step up in competition.  Not only did Schaub want to fight more talented fighters, he wanted to get more cage time.  The UFC answered Schaub’s request by giving him Gonzaga at UFC 121 and Schaub did not disappoint.  Schaub won every round and even dropped Gonzaga near the end of the first.  By the end of the third round Schaub had beat the fight out of Gonzaga and Gonzaga could do little more then hope for the bell to sound.  The UFC gave Schaub his step up in competition, now it is time for them to give Schaub Frank Mir or Mirko Cro Cop.  The UFC should offer it to both fighters and see who has the testicular fortitude to take the fight.  Schaub wants to continue to prove to the UFC that he is one of the best in the division and what better way to do that then by defeating Frank Mir or Mirko Cro Cop?

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