Jason “Mayhem” Miller is one of the most talented and recognizable fighters in all of mixed martial arts.  With his charismatic attitude and his outlook on life, Mayhem has built himself quite the cult following.  Whether you like to watch him fight or you’re a fan Bully Beat Down or if you just like to listen to his world famous one liners, Miller is and always has been one of the good guys in the sport.  Mayhem recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk about his show, bullying in this country and his thoughts on Nick Diaz.

The MMA Corner: What made you want to beat up this particular bully?
Miller: The real mentality of this bully was so arrogant and the biggest air head on there and to me I could see during the pre-interview and everything. I could see that he wasn’t a bad dude, he just had the mentality that he was bigger and badder than everybody else.  You know, I kind of touched on it at the end of the show when I was talking to him and I kind of gave him a speech, saying hey there is always going to be somebody bigger, badder, meaner so it would be cool if we all got along and had a good time.

The MMA Corner: Sometimes it seems like some of the pro MMA fighters that participate on your show kind of take it easy on the bullies.  They don’t always beat them up as much as they could.  You, on the other hand, put a significant beat down on him. You certainly did not hold back is that because you took this personal?
Miller:  Well no it wasn’t that at all.  I was being a surgeon, I was doing surgery on the show.  Instead of getting in there and going crazy and being all over the place I was in there doing surgery.  I did just enough to hurt him, just enough to make realize that this is serious and not a game.  I knew that if I gave him a body kick that he would go down because most people are not used to taking a body kick.  So instead of playing with him on a kick boxing level I just went in there and finished the fight.  I went in and immediately disabled him with what I have learned over years and years of honing my mixed martial arts skills.

The MMA Corner: So you would say that you did just enough to get your point accross?
Miller: Yeah, Yeah.  I never hit him with any combinations or anything that would really hurt him.  A kick to the body with the shin pads on is going to sting but I knew that I wasn’t going to break his ribs or anything like that or do anything really bad to him.  I did just enough to give him a taste of the pain that he put those poor kids through.

The MMA Corner: What do you have to say to all the bullies in the world?
Miller: Well it is over, everybody is onto it now.  Everybody knows that it is not cool to be a bully and it is time that they roll over and follow suit.

The MMA Corner: Do you think that you will ever fight Diaz?
Miller: I don’t know, but if I don’t it is not my fault, I mean I have www.Don’tBeScaredHomie.com.

The MMA Corner: Diaz has said that you need to come to his weight, what are your thoughts on that?
Miller: It is just a bunch of garbage, this is just stuff that he has made up.  He has been up in weight and fought numerous times, he is just making excuses.  Now that the bully is challenged, he comes up with excuses.  Now that the guy who goes around bullying people gets challenged, he sure doesn’t look that tough.  He just a bully and he has the bully mentality and its funny because this is what I do on my TV show and I’ll do it in a mixed martial art arena as well.

The MMA Corner: So it is possible that you guys might fight at a catch weight?
Miller: Yea,h absolutely, if that is what everybody wants to see, that is what I want.  I’d love it.

The MMA Corner: What is more important whooping Nick Diaz’s butt or winning a Strikeforce championship?
Miller: Actually I will tell you what is more important.  What is more important is making the fans happy.  If the fans are happy then I am happy because that is what I want.  I want the fans to be happy.  Yeah, I want a championship belt around my waist, but more over I want to see the Strikeforce organization grow and with that, my acknowledgements as a fighter.

The MMA Corner: If Strikeforce offered you a fight with Diaz or a fight with Jacare for the middleweight championship who do you take?
Miller:  I would love to fight Jacare, that is one of the things that I really want to do you know, but I will fight either or.  If you look at my record I have never ducked anybody nor have I ever been selective about who I fight even, I’ve always just been “yeah, lets fight.”  I’ll fight whoever, whenever lets do it, I am ready.

The MMA Corner: What is next for Mayhem?
Miller: I don’t know.  Whatever, everything.  Bully Beat Down is on every Thursday night.  I don’t know man, my life is taking some incredible twists and turns and it’ s super exciting.  I am just pulling the bar down on my lap low and tight and just going from there.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has been one of mixed martial arts’ favorite sons.  He is a great athlete with excellent skills inside the cage and he always has a one liner that can make anyone smile.  Obviously Miller would like to fight Nick Diaz but if that does not happen do not be disappointed, because no matter who Miller fights he will always give the fans 100% and do his best to make sure that the fans are happy.

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