Recently Brendan Schaub sat down with the MMA Corner to discuss his recent success and his meteoric rise in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. Schaub is a Colorado native who grew up in Aurora and attended Overland High School where he received all state honors in both football and lacrosse. After Schaub graduated Overland he received a full ride scholarship to play fullback for the University of Colorado. Schaub helped lead the Buffaloes to three Big XII North Conference titles. After graduation Schaub had a quick stint as a professional football player, playing for the the Utah Blaze in the Arena League and for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. He then retired from football and came back home to Colorado. It was at this time that Schaub got back into training Mixed Martial Arts. Schaub began training Mixed Martial Arts full time at High Altitude Gym where he was introduced to Nathan Marquardt. From there Schaub began to train at Grudge Training Center in Wheat Ridge. It was at Grudge Training Center where Schaub met and began a relationship with fellow heavyweight fighter Shane Carwin. The two of them have become very close and use their training together to become the best fighters they can. After his stint on the Ultimate Fighter season 10 and his recent knock out victory over a very tough competitor in Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 116, Schaub is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the sport.

TheMMA Corner: What got you started in MMA?
Schaub: I grew up watching the UFC with my brother and my uncle and I have always been a fan of the UFC and it was something that I wanted to do.

TheMMACorner: How did playing football at such a high level prepare you for your battles in MMA?
Schaub: The mental toughness required is the main thing.  Playing fullback for CU is no easy task. Having to play with injuries and having to perform while being injured, that is fighting.  When you fight you are never one hundred percent so after playing football it was an easy transition.

TheMMACorner: Who were your idols growing up and how did they influence you?
Schaub:  My idols growing up, I was a big fan of Jean Claude Van Damme and the movie “Blood Sport” and Junior Seau from the San Diego Chargers,  I was a huge football fan.  Those guys were just studs, they worked hard and I think that is where I get my work ethic from, just watching Junior Seau and other guys like him.  They made me want to work hard.

TheMMACorner:  If you could fight any fighter in any weight class who would it be and why?
Schaub:  I would fight (long pause) Uriah Faber just because it would like a freak show with Uriah being such a little guy at 5’6”.

TheMMACorner: How do you feel about only fighting a couple of times a year?  Would you prefer to fight as often as you can while healthy?
Schaub: You know, coming off the Ultimate fighter I fought three times in four weeks.  You know as a heavyweight it is tough because you are taking on injuries.  For me I will probably fight one more time in 2010 and that will be four fights in under twelve months and thats a lot for the body to handle. Everyone thinks “well your last fight was only a minute” but they do not realize that it is not the fight that hurts it is the training camp prior to the fight.  The camp is what beats me up bad.  I am getting pounded on by Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt and all of those guys.  For me, I need some time off just for my body to rest.

TheMMACorner: What would you tell the young up and coming fighters that are trying to make it into this business?
Schaub: I would just tell them no rush.  Work on your skills because it comes fast.  You start ripping off some wins and then a bigger show calls you up, you want to be prepared, you want to have the tools to compete with anyone and if you rush into it you can get into a lot of trouble and get in over your head. I’d say perfect your skills especially jiu jitsu, wrestling , boxing, and make sure that you compete in some jiu jitsu tournaments, some boxing smokers and some wrestling tournaments and take it from there.

TheMMACorner: What are your thoughts on fighting teammates?
Schaub: I don’t believe in fighting teammates.  My main teammate is Shane and we are where we are because of each other.

TheMMACorner: What do you do when you are not training?
Schaub: When I am not training I just try to relax, I go off my diet, I eat whatever I am craving, I try to get away from the sport for a bit because I’m so consumed by it.  I just try to get out and relax.

TheMMACorner: How do feel about being rated top five break-out fighter of the year?
Schaub: It’s cool.  It is a big honor but basically it means that you have a long way to go I think.  The goal is to get that Fighter of the Year so I still have a long way to go.

TheMMACorner: What would you like to say to your fans?
Schaub: I just want to say thank you.  I appreciate all of their sport.  My fans are one of a kind so I just want to thank them for all of their support.

The heavy weight division needs to look out for “The Hybrid”  He has the drive, the desire, and the skills to be great and we wish Brendan Schaub the best of luck in his career.

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