Eliot Marshall became a household name when he competed on season eight of the Ultimate Fighter. Though he did not win the competition, Marshall’s attitude and fighting style earned him fans all over the world. Marshall was an accomplished mixed martial artist long before he earned a spot on the Ultimate Fighter. Marshall competed in over two hundred grappling tournaments and compiled a 5-1 professional record before he earned a spot on the show. Marshall recently sat down with the MMA Corner and discussed his upcoming fight at Ring of Fire on August 27, 2010 as well as when he will return to the UFC.

MMA Corner: What started you in Mixed Martial Arts?
Marshall: I was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I wanted to step it up to the next level so I started training Mixed Martial Arts.

MMA Corner: Who were your idols growing up and how did they influence you in this sport?
Marshall: My idol growing up was Michael Jordan, but I didn’t have any idols in MMA growing up. Mixed Martial Arts weren’t really around when I was growing up. Idolizing Michael Jordan taught me hard work. Hard work will always beat talent so if you just keep working hard and doing your thing and putting 100% of your effort in what you are doing, even you don’t have talent you will still be good.

MMA Corner: If you could fight any fighter in any weight class who would it be?
Marshall: Who is the champ of my weight class? Shogun! I want to fight Shogun!

MMA Corner: What is on tap for Elliot Marshall?
Marshall: August 27th, it is coming up. I am fighting Josh Haynes at the Ring of Fire.

MMA Corner: How quickly until you get back to the UFC?
Marshall: I don’t know, why don’t you call Joe Silva for me? Call Dana, give those guys a shout for me. Seriously though, I don’t think I should have been released, but it is cool. It has been good for me since I was released. I have changed my style, changing things up, making different things happen. This was a blessing, regardless of whether or not I make it back to the UFC. This was a blessing because it changes my mentality on how I am going to fight.

MMA Corner: So when your fight career is over, what do you want your legacy as a fighter to be?
Marshall: I want to be remembered as a hard working guy, a guy that always made time for his fans, always made time for the little guys. I want to have Jiu Jitsu schools where I go around with all my guys to all the different tournaments and make them better then me. In my mind, that is the essence of martial arts.

MMA Corner: What are your feelings right before a fight? Are you nervous, are you calm?
Marshall: If you are not nervous you are in trouble. If you are not nervous, you are going lose. I’m always nervous before a fight. What you have to understand is I have no control over what is going to happen in there. I can only control what I am going to do. The cards will fall where they fall.

MMA Corner: What do you tell the younger fighters that you train with trying to make it into this sport?
Marshall: Get really good. I can’t stress that enough. Get really good before you fight. Don’t be in a rush. There is no need to rush into fighting, this sport is going to be here, it is not going anywhere. You do not want to get there to soon, You don’t want to fight before you have experienced certain feelings and certain situations and certain aspects of the fight game. So make sure that you get really good and compete a lot as amateur. Whether your base is Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Grappling, whatever just make sure that you compete a lot.

MMA Corner: Do you feel that you rushed into things to quickly?
Marshall: Absolutely not. I competed a ton. I had over two hundred grappling matches before hand.

MMA Corner: What do you want to say to your fans?
Marshall: Don’t forget about me baby. I am coming, I am coming. EliotMarshal.com. I will be back.

Marshall is determined to get back to his winning ways and get back to the UFC. He has changed his training and he believes that he is getting better everyday. The mixed martial arts world better be ready for the return of the “Fire Marshall” because he is coming back with a vengeance and he is ready to earn his way to the top of the mountain.

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