Cat Zingano is one of the top ranked female fighters in the world.  She has won multiple championships in multiple weight classes and in multiple organizations.  Zingano is a three time champion for Ring of Fire in three different weight classes: 125lbs, 130lbs, and 135lbs.  In addition to those titles, Zingano won the Brazilian Jui Jitsu World Championship in 2008 and she is the 2010 NAGA Champion.  Zingano is a very aggressive fighter that seems to overwhelm her opponents with strength, speed and aggression.  On December 10th 2010, Zingano will face her toughest challenge yet when she meets Carina Damm at Chris Tuchscherer’s Winter Brawl.  Zingano spent some time with The MMA Corner to discuss her thoughts on the female side of mixed martial arts as well as her thoughts on her upcoming opponent.

The MMA Corner: What got you started in mixed martial arts?
Zingano: I was a top high school/college wrestler, I started training in Jui Jitsu, I entered into several Jui Jitsu tournaments which lead to MMA. I love to compete.

The MMA Corner: How does it feel to be part of a sport that is relatively new and helping it grow?
Zingano: It feels great to be a part of this sport.

The MMA Corner: Where do you see the female side of the sport in the next 10 years?
Zingano: I think it will continue to grow more and more, and hopefully we will have a lot more shows promoting female fights.

The MMA Corner: What are your goals as a female mixed martial artist?
Zingano: I just like to fight! I like competing and working hard and this sport presents many challenges mentally and psychically.

The MMA Corner: What do you think you as a woman fighter needs to do to help the sport grow?
Zingano: Just keep fighting, the more skilled fighters out there the better the fights will be and the more popular it will become.

The MMA Corner: How is camp going for your upcoming fight?
Zingano: Going great, I just spent the last few weeks training in Thailand and now just finishing up the camp back home. I actually found out about the fight while I was out there.

The MMA Corner: You are fighting Carina Damm who has a very similar skill set to you. What do you need to do to win this fight?
Zingano: I’ll do what I always do, come to fight! I expect a tough fight and I’m sure she is preparing for the same.

The MMA Corner: What are your thoughts on Carina as an opponent?
Zingano: I heard she is a good competitor and always shows up to fight. I don’t really pay much attention to who my opponents are or what they have done in the past, what matters is then and there, everything else is just talk and guessing games.

The MMA Corner: This arguably the biggest fight of your career, do you feel any added pressure for this fight?
Zingano: There is always pressure for any fight, every opponent presents a threat, so I’ve trained for her as I have for every fight, very hard.

The MMA Corner: After this fight what is next for Cat Zingano?
Zingano: Hopefully stay busy in 2011, try to fight as often as possible. I’d really like to fight overseas, Japan would be great! I have some possible fights in Brazil and Singapore, so we will see what happens. There has also been some talk about a 8 women tournament at 125lbs and I would want to be a part of that for sure.  I am going to do the Olympic trials for freestyle wrestling as well.

The MMA Corner: Do you have any sponsors that you would like to thank?
Zingano: Special thanks to Dollamur, they have been amazing to me and my team. Also thanks to Tussle Fight Gear, Ju’s Burritos, Instant Imprints in Westminster, Ugly Knux, Ink’d Out, Lethal Intentions Fight Wear, my teammates and my coaches Mauricio Zingano and Oscar Martinez as well as Tiger Muay Thai and Sakmongkol in Thailand.

Zingano has destroyed her previous competition inside the cage and she plans to do the same to Damm.  If Zingano comes away victorious against Damm,  it will not be long before she is a house hold name fighting elite competition on the world’s biggest stage.

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