After the main event between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard ended at UFC 125, one invested onlooker almost certainly became even more interested in the outcome of the bout. Anthony Pettis, who earned his shot at the UFC Lightweight Champion by winning the now defunct-WEC’s version of the belt last month, likely had an opinion on the winner of the bout like everyone else. It’s also likely that Pettis, along with millions of others, were wrong with their final prediction. Edgar & Maynard battled for five rounds in one of the best fights in UFC history. When it was all over the bout was scored a draw with each man getting the nod on a single judge’s scorecard and the third judge scoring it an even 47-47. Unfortunately for Pettis this ultimately meant that Maynard would receive a rematch instead of Pettis receiving his shot at unifying the titles against still champion Edgar.

At first it was announced that Pettis would still go on to face Edgar. Dana White, however, confirmed shortly thereafter that a rematch between Edgar and Maynard would occur first. How could it not? Maynard pushed Edgar to the limit for 25 straight minutes and came as close as you can get to becoming the new champion when he was pummelling Edgar throughout the first round. Edgar was wobbly and it appeared he would be unable to regain his balance. Amazingly, Edgar was able to regain his senses after the round and controlled much of the remaining fight. But the damage was done. Maynard proved he deserved to be fighting for the title.

Despite whether or not you believe Maynard deserves another shot, Pettis without a doubt comes out on the short end of the stick in this situation. With an extremely impressive performance, “The Bully” earned himself an immediate rematch and pushed Pettis back to the sidelines. Pettis, who earned himself a title fight with Edgar after his own impressive five round victory over Ben Henderson, must feel like the bride left at the altar. Not only did he just earn the biggest victory in his career on the final WEC event, he has gained national attention for his “Showtime Kick” that has aired continuously on ESPN. A bout with Edgar would clearly be the most marketable bout for either man up this point in their careers. And Pettis with his new found fame likely would draw quite well after the UFC airs continuous replays of what’s being called the greatest move in MMA history leading up to the fight. But for now the fight that makes the most sense is Edgar/Maynard III.

Not only does the bout have the makings to be another classic, Maynard proved that he belongs at the top of the lightweight division. A third bout between the two fighters gives the fans an opportunity to see a true winner. While Edgar retained his title he would likely be the first one to say that he is not happy with that decision. Maynard, likewise, has a legitimate argument for being the true champion. The only way to determine the winner is a rematch. Unfortunately, this forces Pettis to either sit back and wait for the winner or take another fight in the meantime. The UFC may want him to sit out for the time being simply because it would cause confusion if the last WEC Lightweight Champion was defeated and was then unable to unify the titles. Would his opponent then become the WEC Lightweight Champion and have to unify the belts? It’s a sticky situation but Pettis may have to join Junior Dos Santos and Rashad Evans in sitting out a considerable length of time to receive his title shot. This is unfortunate for Pettis and the UFC because of the momentum Pettis is carrying into the UFC. But for the sake of the Lightweight Championship, and for Edgar and Maynard, the right bout has been made.

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