For over a decade, Ring of Fire has been promoting some of the best mixed martial arts events in the Midwest region.  Based out of Colorado, the organization is becoming one of the most well-known regional fight promotions.  Ring of Fire consistently brings fight fans some of the best up-and-coming talent that the game has to offer and gives the fighters a legitimate platform to showcase their skills.  The promotion has served as the launching pad for numerous fighters such as Duane “Bang” Ludwig, Nate “The Great” Marquardt and Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub before they became staples of the UFC.

Sven Bean, owner of Ring of Fire, recently sat down with The MMA Corner to discuss his success over the past decade, as well as what his plans are for the future.

Ring of Fire put on their first show in March of 2000 and they have been going strong ever since, but Bean has big plans for the future.

“I have been in this business for a long time and sometimes you can get a little stagnant on things or sometimes your personal life can overlap and/or affect your business life,” Bean explained. “That is what kind of happened to me in 2010, but we have come back real strong and motivated and we are signing some new deals with sponsorships and I am just re-motivated to get back into my company and get back into my brand.

“We are launching ROF 2.0.  We have always done amazing things and great stuff for fighters in helping them launch their careers. We have always had great shows, but it also seemed like we were doing the same thing over and over again and there was no real growth.  Now we have an actual plan of attack and specific goals and a specific direction for the company and we are going for it.”

In addition to his plans for growth and the new company goals making up ROF 2.0, Bean has not forgotten about the fans.  He has plans on how to keep the fans coming back, as well as keeping them happy with each event he promotes.

“We are going to solidify ourselves as one of the top five MMA promotions in the world,” Bean proclaimed. “We are going to continue to give fan compelling fights, solid production and value for their dollar.  In this economy, everybody is watching where they spend and their discretionary income is usually the first to go. However, if you look back through history, even during the Great Depression, people were still going out and spending money to go watch fights. People like to watch fights.

“We are going to continue what we have been doing for the past eleven years, and that is put on great shows.  Now we are going to up the ante on the production side of things and get better with relationships with bigger sponsors, and get better partnerships with people, and get better exposure through TV deals and fans are going to continue to get what they have always got from the Ring Of Fire, and that is kick-ass fights.”

The television portion of Bean’s plan is already falling into place.

“We recently signed a television deal with Fight Now,” Bean revealed.  “They are a new emerging company and we have been in talks with them for a while and we final got everything done.  Right now, they are on the East Coast, but they also have deals on the table with Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network and everybody and their goal is to become a 100% fights-only network.  This is a company that I believe in and they have always been good to me and I am excited about working with them.”

In addition to growing the Ring of Fire brand as one of the premiere mixed martial arts promotions in the country, Ring of Fire is putting on their first ever all Muay Thai event, “Muay Thai Mayhem” on June 25.  Bean is focused on giving fans the best fights possible and branching out into this type of event is going to be one of the ways in which he accomplishes just that.

Bean realizes that every great general is only as good as his army and he wanted to thank Tapout, Ink’d Out and Brothers BBQ.  For more information about Ring of Fire you can visit

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