The brother of former WEC star and current UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis will make his professional MMA debut at only 18-years-old. The future star of the sport recently signed a multi-fight deal with the CFC (Canadian Fighting Championship) and will make his debut on Sept. 10. As far as an opponent, that will be determined later on.

“They haven’t figured that out yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll find out in early August or late July,” Pettis told The MMA Corner in a recent interview.

In the meantime, he will be training with his brother Anthony in Milwaukee under Duke Roufus, one of the best coaches in the sport, and has many talented sparring partners.

“I’ve been training with some big names: my brother Anthony, obviously, ‘Danny Boy’ Downes, and Erik Koch,” Pettis stated. “We actually just recently went to [Urijah] Faber’s camp to help him train for Dominick Cruz.”

Pettis has loads of potential, but there are concerns that he is turning pro too early in his career. However, the soon to be 18-year-old says otherwise.

“I’ve been training for awhile and I feel ready at a young age. So why waste time and get older?” Pettis suggested. “Might as well do it while I’m young and feel ready. I don’t have a complete game yet, but I’m still young and I’m gonna adapt to the game and evolve as the sport evolves.”

Many would think someone of his caliber, as well as coming from a MMA background, would sign with a larger promotion, but Pettis is excited about getting the opportunity to fight in Canada.

“It’s gonna be awesome to fight outside of my hometown, just to get people to know me. I’ve never been to Canada, so it’s going to be an awesome experience for me,” Pettis said. “I think it’s going to help me perform in bigger crowds and just do what I do.”

He will always be known as Anthony’s little brother, but Sergio is ready to establish himself and live up to his expectations that have been placed upon him.

“People are always gonna have their opinions, but I have to just live to my expectations and not theirs,” Pettis declared. “It’s a lot of pressure on me, but I think I can pull through anything.”

It’s hard to avoid the hype when your last name is Pettis, but training with a great group of guys at Roufusport will have him focused.

Get your pen and paper out and start writing his resume, as he has already stated his plans for 10 years from now.

“My goal is to be in the UFC by the time I’m 19 or 19 and a half, and just like everybody else, I wanna fight for that belt,” said a confident Pettis. “I wanna be a champion one day in the sport, so hopefully by the time I’m maybe 23, 24, 25, I’ll be able to fight for that belt and hopefully be a champion.”

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