Chris Camozzi is one of the most likeable guys in all of mixed martial arts. In fact, Camozzi’s likeability is part of the reason that he is with the UFC.

Camozzi was forced off of The Ultimate Fighter due to an injury he sustained in his victory to get into the house, but the UFC liked Camozzi so much they decided to give him another opportunity.  He would make good on that opportunity, defeating James Hammortree and Dongi Yang in his first two Octagon appearances.  Just like his personality, the future seemed to be bright for Camozzi.

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At UFC 127 however, Camozzi’s life would change.  He suffered his first loss in the UFC to Kyle Noke and was subsequently released from the organization.  Camozzi would not be discouraged, though.  After a controversial win over UFC vet Joey Villasenor (the fight was originally ruled a draw due to an error by one of the judges before later being ruled a win for Camozzi), he found himself back in the Octagon at UFC 137 against Francis Carmont.  This would not be the return that Camozzi hoped for, as he suffered a unanimous decision loss and left Las Vegas wondering what went wrong.

Instead of going back to Factory X, his training facility in Colorado, and moping, he went back and got to work attempting to fix what he feels was the problem.

“I didn’t really change things up for this camp, but I did bring in guys to help me train,” Camozzi told The MMA Corner.  “I finally have some guys that are as big or even bigger than me and elite level guys that are in here helping.  Bryan Baker from Bellator is here full time now and I spar with Ed Herman every week and it has really upped my game.

“A lot of times it sucks because there are days when I go into practice and get beat up, but it is good for me.  It helps me progress and get better.  I know it sounds cliché, but this truly is the best camp I have ever had and I am going into this fight more confident than ever.”

Losing his last two fights inside the Octagon, Camozzi understands that dropping his upcoming contest against Jacoby could be the end of his UFC run. But as a fighter, he also understands that he cannot think like that when fight time comes around.

“I need a win more than anybody, but I’m not fighting for wins and losses anymore, I am fighting for bonus money,” Camozzi stated.

“I think in my last fights I have been caught up trying to be too technical and too precise with my striking instead of just brawling and fighting like I know how.  I think I have good striking, but I was worried about being a technical striker and I think that it cost me.

“After talking to my team, coaches and management, we decided that it would be better for me to go back to brawling and fighting the way I know how, fighting the way that got me into the house to begin with.  I am going to go out and, win or lose, put on exciting fights for the fans.  Like I said, I am fighting for bonus money; whether it is knockout of the night, submission of the night or fight of the night, I want that bonus check.”

This Saturday night at UFC on Fox 2, Camozzi will have his hands full with a very tough Dustin Jacoby.


“He is going to be bigger and stronger than I am, but he does not have the experience that I do,” explained Camozzi.  “Again, I need a win more than anybody and I am going to do what it takes to win.  I am going to go out and fight the way I know how.  I am going to fight my fight, I am going to use my angles, I am going to be intense and aggressive and I think that is the most important thing for me.  I need to stay aggressive in this fight.  I need to take the fight to him, keep him backing up and stay aggressive.  If I do that then everything else will go my way.”

For every fighter, their current fight is their most important, but that statement really rings true for Camozzi.  He is already one loss into his second stint with the UFC, and if he loses this fight he might not ever get another chance.

Don’t sweat the small things though, Camozzi fans.  This is right where he wants to be.  For him, this is the perfect situation. This is his opportunity to prove to the world, to the UFC and to himself that this is where he belongs and he will be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

In the past, Camozzi has always fought his best in high-pressure situations and Saturday night should be no different.  Look for Camozzi to come out and remind everybody why he is one of the more popular athletes in the sport.

Top Photo: Chris Camozzi (Phil Lambert/The MMA Corner)

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