Bob “The Beast” Sapp is a unique sort of character, but he’s unique because of what has been happening in his more recent in-cage appearances.

Nowadays, one can’t help but wonder if Sapp just tries to last long enough for fans to argue that “at least he was trying” before he eventually succumbs to defeat. One hopes that that is not the case.

The man is not the best in the world today, tomorrow, or yesteryear and truthfully never was one of the most skilled fighters in the world. If anything, he might rank among the most one-dimensional fighters in MMA, and he may remain under the label of a “freak show fighter.”

Whether he wins a fight, fans can always expect a finish in a Bob Sapp fight. At the end of the day, that seems to be all people care about.

With what goes on in the MMA world, it’s easy to forget some things and forgive others, but if there is one thing we must try to not forget, it’s that this same Sapp went 2-0 in the beginning of his career and suffered his first loss at Pride: Shockwave to Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira.

Even still he gave Minotauro a tough fight before tapping out to an armbar from the Brazilian. And he’s shown in the past that he was willing to bum-rush fighters right out of the gate to overwhelm them. We’re definitely not saying that Sapp is not fun to watch on his own accord, so it’s that realization that has us asking “where’s the Sapp that at least looked like he was serious?”

If my name was Bob Sapp, I’d consider no longer just holding on until people start to think I’m trying to make it competitive. Rather, I would actually try. That way everyone could see that I was trying to win the fight and earn my money, all the while making it worth the price of admission for each and every fan in attendance.

Obviously, I’m not Sapp, so the real being can be expected to do something different from what another would do if they were Sapp — myself included — but if Sapp is to be taken seriously once again, it’s going to take a little bit more effort in showing that he has evolved with the sport. If he cannot show that he’s more than just a physical hulk with a mean stare, he might want to do us all a bit of a favor and call it a career right now before this whole charade becomes even more embarrassing.

His fight with Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 is step one in what one would hope is a turnaround for the Pride veteran, and for the sake of his career, “The Beast” of old had better show up.

If not, the Bob Sapp act that was once entertaining will be just be a sad broken record.

Photo: Bob Sapp (Sherdog)

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