After spending years climbing the ladder of multiple weight divisions, Mark Hominick is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Though he is coming off of back-to-back losses, Hominick is still one of the best fighters in the featherweight division and at UFC 145 he plans to prove that.

It was a rollercoaster year for Hominick in 2011. In April, at UFC 129, Hominick fought current featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo while putting on a performance that showcased not only his fighting skills but his heart. Hominick battled through a hematoma that would have sent most men home crying and gave his all, earning him the respect and admiration of fans worldwide.

“The Aldo fight completely changed my life in the mixed martial arts world,” Hominick told The MMA Corner. “It really put me on the map. The casual fan all of the sudden knew who I was and it was almost like a fifteen-year, overnight success.  Even though I did not get the win, that is what it felt like.”

The hematoma that Hominick suffered at UFC 129 (Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports)

Hominick’s life would continue to change outside of the MMA world as well. Ten days after his fight with Aldo, Hominick’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Even though he just lost a title fight, things looked good for Hominick. Then, in August, he suffered one of the biggest tragedies a person could face when he lost his best friend and coach Shawn Tompkins to an untimely death.

Four months after the loss of Coach Tompkins and nine months after his loss to Aldo, Hominick returned to action against “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung at UFC 140.  Looking to put everything behind him, Hominick came out fighting with emotion and ultimately paid the price, suffering a knockout loss and consecutive losses for the first time in four years. For Hominick, this was one of the most disappointing moments in his fighting career.

“I let myself down,” Hominick declared. “I felt like I let a lot of people down. I fought with so much emotion that is usually not there for me. I fight with passion, there is no question about that. And I train with passion because this is what I love to do, but I have never fought with pure emotion, with reckless emotion like that, and that is what happened. I fought out of character and I paid the price, but that is not a mistake that I will make again.”

Hominick knows that suffering that loss has knocked him back down the ladder but he also knows that is not something that he can dwell on. At UFC 145 he plans to get back to his winning ways.

“I do realize what winning that fight would have done for my career,” said the Canadian.  “I would have been right back in the mix and one win away from facing Aldo again. Now, I am back to being a contender again and I know that I have to work my way back up the ladder.  I’m used to this though, I am a veteran of this sport and I have been here before. A am ready to do what it takes to make that climb.”

Hominick (top) battles against Aldo (Ken Pishna/MMA Weekly)

At UFC 145 Hominick faces a relatively unknown opponent in Eddie Yagin, but he knows that Yagin is not only a twelve-year veteran of the sport, he is one of the toughest fighters around and he will not be looking past his unknown opponent.

“Sometimes I feel like I almost have to sell his credibility but he is a tough guy and a veteran of the sport,” explained Hominick. “I remember fighting in Hawaii in 2003 for my fourth fight and Eddie was the headliner. He is a veteran of the sport and he has seen it all and he has never backed down from a fight.  He comes to throw down and this is a fight that excites me because he is going to be willing to throw down with me in the middle of the cage.”

With everything that Hominick went through in 2011, he is ready to get back into the Octagon and get back to business.

“I am coming off of back-to-back losses, my back is against the wall,” admitted the featherweight.  “This is an important fight and I have done everything I can to prepare and I am ready to get in there and throw down. You could throw Aldo in there, it doesn’t matter, this is a huge fight for me and it is time for me to make a statement.”

Hominick would like to thank Headrush, Xyience, all of his team and training partners, and all of the fans for their overwhelming support.

Top Photo: Mark Hominick (R) punches Leonard Garcia (Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports)

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