Although Rashad Evans was unable to claim victory at UFC 145 against his former teammate Jon Jones, Evans remains among the best in the world at 205 pounds. So why are so many people clamoring for Evans to drop to middleweight? It’s actually quite simple.

Evans is already a small light heavyweight, standing at just 5-foot-11, and by all accounts doesn’t have a tough time cutting to 205 pounds. Evans has been able to overcome his size disadvantage by utilizing quick movements and great athleticism.

Compare Evans to his last opponents and you might already believe he fights at 185 pounds, as he looked significantly smaller compared to Jones, Phil Davis, Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson.

But the size discrepancy isn’t really enough of a basis for anyone to make the claim that Evans should drop a weight class. The real meat of the argument lies in Evans’ last opponent, the reigning champion Jones.

For weeks, Evans talked to the cameras explaining how he had the secret to unlocking the riddle of Jones and knew everything there was to know about the champion. Promises of bringing the fight to Jones and taking the title away had a number of fans eagerly anticipating one of the best fights in light heavyweight history.

Instead Evans fell into the same trance as Jones’ other opponents. He stood there, motionless at times, just staring into the abyss it seemed. Even with the knowledge of being down on the scorecards in rounds four and five, Evans failed to press the action.

The victory proved without a doubt that Jones is the better fighter and despite Evans’ claims about knowing what he needs to do, a rematch is likely to play out in much the same manner.

If every fighter’s goal is to be considered the best in the world and thus wear the prestigious UFC title, Evans should realize that is simply out of the equation for him right now.

So long as Jones holds the belt, there’s little of hope of Evans securing a rematch, let alone actually defeating his former teammate.

Dropping to 185 pounds remains the only logical choice for Evans at this point in his career. There’s a litany of new opponents for Evans to face and also a number of marketable fights for both the fighters and the UFC.

If Evans wishes to take “novelty” fights at this point in his career, then staying at the weight that he’s comfortable at is the right decision. But if Evans wants to make another title run, he needs to take “Exit 185″ on the road to a UFC title.

Photo: Rashad Evans (Rob Tatum/Bleacher Report)

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