Saturday night will mark the inaugural event of Invicta FC, an all-women’s MMA promotion. On the card you will find a number of big names, but also rising prospects that deserve every fight fan’s attention.

Included in the latter group will be undefeated 145-pound fighter Mollie Estes, a Missouri native who is fortunate enough to be fighting close to home, in nearby Kansas City, Kan. Estes spoke with The MMA Corner about what the new promotion means for female fighters.

“It’s great, it’s revolutionary,” she declared. “Everyone is excited about it. They’re paying out top dollar for every fight, which is something that we’ve been longing for. Getting paid well and having an all-girl fight card is something that any female fighter would not want to miss.”

Estes (Facebook)

Just because Estes is fighting close to home doesn’t mean she’ll have an easy fight. In her way will be 2008 Olympic bronze medalist in freestyle wrestling, Randi Miller. Although it is Miller’s MMA debut, Estes still has had challenges preparing for her.

“I think everyone knows she had a long and awesome wrestling career, but this fight is especially unique because I don’t have any footage on her,” Estes explained. “Going into this, it may be a bit of a surprise because you never know if she’s been working on.”

Estes, now 36-years-old, went pro in late 2011, after a very successful amateur career in which she went 7-1.

“The best transition was the paycheck,” Estes said with a laugh. ” I think I had a pretty competitive amateur career. I always tried to get the toughest opponents I could, so moving to pro was a smooth transition for me. My only loss was to Tsui-Jen Cunanan in the Tuff-N-Uff tournament in Las Vegas.”

One difference on Saturday night will be that Estes is moving from the 135-pound division—where she has spent most of her career—to what she believes will be her new home at 145 pounds.

“The good thing about fighters is we don’t mind talking about our weight,” Estes joked about the sometimes taboo subject. “Most of my fights have been at 135, but I really prefer this weight. I think in the past I even lost a little muscle. Being 5-foot-9 and having a bigger frame, this is my favorite weight class.”

Ironically, although it is Estes that is moving up in weight, she will have a seven-inch reach advantage over Miller. The former rugby player discussed the significant height discrepancy.

“I just have to avoid letting her get underneath me and take me down,” stated Estes. “I might swing, go over her head, and end up on my back. I have worked on getting low and staying low, as well as moving around a lot.”

To prepare for the decorated grappler, Estes has worked with UFC veteran Jason High and WEC veteran LC Davis at HD MMA.

Estes (L) battles for position (Facebook)

“I started wrestling for the first time specifically for this fight,” explained Estes. “For the first two years of my career all I did was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and then transitioned into Muay Thai.”

Despite being green in the wrestling department, Estes is confident in her abilities.

“I feel strong on my back,” she said. “I would love to put her on her back though. Even with her MMA training, she might panic a little.”

With a win over Miller, Estes knows that a lot of doors will open up for her.

“I will have phone call after phone call of fight offers,” predicted Estes. “With Invicta, women are getting more exposure and you likely see more (women’s) fights added to every fight card. If I win this fight, a lot of opportunities will be there for me.”

Mollie would like to thank HD MMA, American Jiu-Jitsu, and all of her sponsors. Follow her on Twitter: @missmollie_mma

Top Photo: Mollie Estes (L) (Facebook)

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