There may only be one more match-up remaining in the opening round fights of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, but the bout to take place on Friday, May 4, shouldn’t be overlooked.

On last week’s episode, fans got to witness one of the greatest fights in Ultimate Fighter history. Chris Saunders and Sam Sicilia went 100 percent for 10 minutes, with Saunders earning the decision nod.

While some, including UFC president Dana White, thought the fight should’ve gone to a sudden victory, it was still a great battle where Sicilia should not be ashamed of his performance.

With the win by Saunders, Team Faber gained control, but with only two fighters remaining, it was clear what the next fight would be. Mike Rio of Team Cruz will square off with England native Andy Ogle to determine who will be the final man to move on to the next round of the season.

The MMA Corner’s Corey Adams will breakdown the match-up, and give a final prediction on who will have his hand raised on Friday.

Mike Rio (8-1) vs. Andy Ogle (8-1)

It’s rare when two fighters meet each other with the same record, but this is the case between Rio and Ogle. As far as experience, a slight edge should be given to Rio. “The Wolverine’s” only loss came against Ultimate Fighter season eight winner Efrain Escudero, which turns out to be an advantage of being in the cage with a tough fighter like Escudero.

Rio not only has some solid experience in the cage, but is also one of the most well-rounded fighters in the house. The 30-year-old Rio has seven finishes in his career—four by knockout and three by submission—and has a style that is difficult to counteract. From the fang mouthpiece he wears, you can immediately assume the type of fighter Rio is.

While Rio is tough in his own right, the young English fighter is not the type to back down. Ogle has a solid MMA game as well and will test Rio the entire duration. If you haven’t stayed up to date on this season, Ogle is a guy who loves attention. He isn’t scared to speak his mind or express how “awesome” he is. But one thing’s for sure, on Friday, Ogle will have all the spotlight on him.

If you could pair any two fighters to try and duplicate the fight from last week, Rio and Ogle are the two that would immediately come to mind.

According to numbers released by the UFC, last week’s episode had the lowest ratings of the seven year history of the show, having around 930,000 viewers. But with people hearing how good the Saunders-Sicilia fight was last week, this final opening round show may draw in more.

Should you expect this to be a war similar to last week? Yes, without a doubt. Both men have been counting down the days and weeks until fight day, and when the time comes on Friday, Rio and Ogle will put on a show.

It’s difficult to pick against either fighter to win this bout, but the edge goes to Team Cruz’s Rio.

Rio will want to come out of the gates fast, but will smartly pick his shots to attack Ogle. If this fight hits the mat, Rio has the ability to submit his opponent.

But I think this fight will stay standing. In their minds, Rio and Ogle will want to outdo the fight from last week. Both are tough as nails, so this one will go to the judges’ scorecards, where Mike Rio will edge out Andy Ogle to get the win.

To find out the result of the fight and review the full episode, check out The Ultimate Fighter: Live – The Aftermath, Week Nine

Photo: Mike Rio (R) battles Efrain Escudero at CFA 2 (William Musacchia/Sherdog)

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