This week, on episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, we recap Hugo Viana’s victory last week over Marcos Vinicius Vina by unanimous decision and we open up with coach Vitor Belfort’s announcement of Rony “Jason” Bezerra vs. Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros, or as we will call it, “Jason vs. Gasparzinho.”

Coach Wanderlei Silva says he didn’t want Gasparzinho to face Jason because both men were friends and training partners at one time, but business is business, and though Wanderlei says Jason was upset, Wanderlei knows both will fight and give it their all. Belfort commends Jason’s attitude and respectfulness, but Gasparzinho is not all that thrilled about the fact that he was not only the last fighter picked and the last featherweight chosen to fight, but also he is having to face his friend in order to advance forward in the TUF Brazil tournament rankings. Meanwhile, Jason seems to contradict what Wanderlei claimed about Jason being upset with having to face his friend, and in doing so, Jason says that Gasparzinho is in the way of his dream.

When Gasparzinho was growing up, he got involved with some wrong crowds, as well as drugs and crime, but his fiancé and the sport of MMA helped steer his life in a better direction. Jason, meanwhile, is shown with a bright yellow mohawk and talks about many things stemming from how he deferred a career in law to focus on his MMA career, to how much his brother means to him and how his struggle with drugs is much worse than the fact that he needs to win two fights in order to move through to the featherweight finale bout at UFC 147.

At the house, Gasparzinho and Jason talk amongst their housemates about the fight. While Gasparzinho’s teammates from Team Vitor give him a pep talk as to how to handle Jason, Jason mentions that he’s not affected by the fact of him fighting his friend.

At the weigh-ins, both hit 145 pounds on the dot.  Both men are prepared for battle, and it shows in the staredown, even though neither is thrilled about facing the other. Gasparzinho will be in the white trunks and Jason will be in the black trunks as we have finally reached the fight we have been waiting for in the quarterfinals of the featherweight bracket…but not before a few last minute happenings on the day before the fight.

At this point, Gasparzinho is the first of three fighters from Team Vitor to fight in the quarterfinals, with Sérgio Moraes and Thiago Bodão remaining for Team Vitor. Belfort lets his team know that he believes his men can sweep the field without question. Later, Team Wanderlei coach Fabricio Werdum leads the charge in defacing Vitor’s picture, which Belfort laughs off. The rest of Team Vitor, however, does not find it so funny.

Belfort then changes the game up by revealing that Dana White gave him the option to replace the fighters on the team which he felt were the least motivated of the bunch. Of course, as the details surface, it appears that this revelation is more Vitor’s attempt at motivating the team rather than Dana’s attempt to see how bad these guys really want it. But nonetheless, the members of Team Vitor speak into the camera on why they deserve to stay on the show. Despite realizing that none of them are really in danger of getting taken off of TUF Brazil, Team Vitor still turns in a great practice session.

Team Wanderlei, meanwhile, struggles further. Blame is thrown in the direction of the coaches, but the tension makes it clear that a turnaround is a deep need at this point in time for Team Wanderlei. Before the fight, former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida visits Team Wanderlei to motivate and encourage the whole team, especially fellow Team Nogueira comrade Jason. After the encouragement, we finally come to our featured bout of the evening!

FW Quarterfinal Bout: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra vs. Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros

Mario Yamasaki is the third man in the cage, as has been the case all season. Gasparzinho complains about getting poked in the eye early on in the fight and after the restart, lands an overhand which knocks Jason back before hitting Jason with a flying knee that drops him. Jason maintains composure and quickly finds an armbar attempt. He locks in the armbar and Gasparzinho looks for a slam to escape the submission. Though he tries to find the slam, the armbar sinks in deeper until Yamasaki has no choice but to wave the fight off. It’s a good call, as Gasparzinho’s arm is broken and needs the aid of a sling, but he still supports the green on his team’s squadron in a cheer and admits he would have cranked the hold himself if the roles were reversed. Rony “Jason” has finally earned the first win of the season for Team Wanderlei and he savors the victory.

Official Result: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra def. Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros by Technical Submission (Armbar)

We see a fight replay with a recap of the fight from the coaches’ eyes. Wanderlei gets into a heated discussion with Belfort over this fight. Wanderlei expresses how upset he is with Vitor for making the two friends fight in the quarterfinals, while Belfort maintains that this is simply competition and nothing else. Things intensify to where it almost looks like the two will throw down early, but what shocks Wanderlei is the revelation that Belfort had no real prior knowledge of Jason and Gasparzinho being friends before TUF.

Tension remains high after Jason celebrates the win and Gasparzinho leaves with his arm in a sling. Team Vitor recalls a certain 44-second knockout win in the career of their head coach, while Wanderlei asserts that Belfort is a “playboy.” We end this episode with a look ahead to next week and the insanity that breaks out as we move one step closer to determining who is Brazil’s next Ultimate Fighter!

Photo: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra (Gleidson Venga/Sherdog)

Ja in the last opeson vai para a luta com um reluzente moicano amarelo. Será que vai dar sorte para o Team Wand?

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