This week, on episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, we recap Rony Jason’s win over Anistavio Gasparzinho, and coach Wanderlei Silva finally takes charge of the action in selecting Francisco Drinaldo to hopefully retain Team Wanderlei’s momentum against Team Vitor’s Thiago Bodao.

There’s still tension brewing from last week, as a flashback is shown of Rony Jason acknowledging his friendship with Anistavio Gasparzinho, but when Wanderlei brings it up, coach Vitor Belfort claims this is a competition and that the fighters knew what they were getting into. Nevertheless, the past is in the past and the malignant-tumor survivor Bodao will meet an upbeat “Massaranduba” in the featured fight.

Bodao, in addition to fighting for his mother and brother—the latter of whom had leukemia—also promised his wife that they’d have a baby if he made it to the semifinals. “Massaranduba” fights for his family and friends as well, as all of them have gathered together to watch his fights on television and his friends have paved the way for him to chase his dream.

Back at the house, Team Vitor mocks Wanderlei’s speech; Team Wanderlei asks them to keep it down so “Massaranduba” can rest up. Streaking and breaking out into song follows for Team Vitor. You can’t pay us enough to make that up, folks.

Anyway, both fighters make weight, as “Massaranduba” hits 184 and Bodao makes 185. The fighters make their way into the cage, and both are hungry for a win. Who will get it? We’re about to find out.

MW Quarterfinal Bout: Thiago Bodao vs. Francisco “Massaranduba” Drinaldo

Bodao dominates the first round by simply pressing Drinaldo on the feet and not letting him get off first whenever possible. Drinaldo does try for a single-leg, and he tries firing off with a knee at one point, but Bodao fends off the takedown and pins Drinaldo against the cage. Drinaldo is trying to bring it to Bodao, but Bodao is just more aggressive in this round, an easy 10-9 for the Team Vitor fighter.

Bodao misses a takedown in the second round and wings punches with Drinaldo. Drinaldo tries twice for takedowns, but both fail. Bodao actually gets top position as a result of Drinaldo’s second takedown attempt. Drinaldo is finding his way through the defenses of Bodao, but Bodao is still doing the better job of maintaining Octagon control, tying Drinaldo up at all turns. It seems like Bodao’s done enough for a unanimous decision, but Mario Yamasaki says there will be a third. Drinaldo is visibly tired, though, and barely able to lift his head.

Despite encouragement from his coaches, the ref, and even Bodao, Drinaldo takes a knee and is unable to continue, prompting Mario Yamasaki to stop the fight.

Official Result: Thiago Bodao def. Francisco Drinaldo by TKO (Retirement) at the 5:00 mark of Round 2

Wanderlei says he’s proud of the lion’s heart of Drinaldo, and Drinaldo promises to improve on the ground further. Team Vitor celebrates an improvement to 6-1 in the competition. Next week, Team Vitor’s No. 7 man, Sergio “Serginho” Moraes, takes on Team Wanderlei’s No. 2 pick (and the blue team’s top middleweight pick), Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno. It’s the last quarterfinal fight before the semifinals as we’re one step closer to finally determining who will be Brazil’s next Ultimate Fighters!

Photo: Thiago Bodao (Gleidson Venga/Sherdog)

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